Opinion: How much bitterness does Museveni want to achieve?

Today, there are riots, demonstrations and measures by civilians all across the Republic as two main Presidential Candidates Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and Patrick Oboi Amuriat is both arrested and detained. This is happening with the usage of COVID-19 regulations, while not ensuring the safety of the candidates or their convoys, but instead violently and brutally arresting in their respective parts of the Republic.

The results are staggering and shattering. The youths, the unemployed and the ones who seeks hope in these gentlemen are in the streets. They are throwing stones, burning tires and acting out their frustrations. As the state, the ruling regime and the President himself never has given them any sort of way out.

The President has ruled supreme since 1986. He has run the nation with an brutality, arbitrary arrests and extra judicial killings. This is well-known. The man is using safe-houses and various of para-military and intelligence outfits to control the Republic too. So, it’s not he isn’t using all means to stop and silence the opposition. Plus having the army and the police on his side at any given day. Like today and yesterday… he had them when in need.

Today is just the proof of the bitterness. As the public and a generation is bitter. The Republic haven’t progressed or delivered for them. The Republic isn’t in a better place now. The President haven’t secured their future. It haven’t even helped them to feed their kids tomorrow.

So many has never seen another man in power. They have never had the opportunity to see another style of leadership. The young nation run by a bunch of old bush-war historicals. Who has a story and reason to rule, which to the youth doesn’t appeal to them. The results and the achievements seems futile now. As they haven’t benefited from the “liberation”. A liberation which only liberated a few chosen ones. The rest are still struggling and if they find leaders elsewhere. They will struggle to assemble or be legally associated with them. This is why days like today happens.

The National Resistance Movement and President Museveni came with a promise they never kept. They promised democracy and peasants representation. However, they never truly did. They have “representatives” but that is their selected ones and not the ones who is there as the will of the people. The institution are all appointed and selected men from the President. The judiciary and every other government office is filled with cronies. Therefore, they are all in the game to keep this system alive. Even if it doesn’t benefit or really represent the public at large.

Museveni can speak game. He has spoken so many times. The President have been a public for so long. That at one point or another he spoke or wrote the truth. However, he doesn’t abide by it. Neither does his cabinet or the ones inside his patronage. They are indulged and enjoying the perks. The spoils of fortune and entitlement. That is why the apologists cry foul over some small destruction, properties damaged and car windows, but they don’t cry over the citizens killed or injured. They are not speaking out of the police brutality or the hurt it does.

That why it is a bitterness. There so many who is tired of being taken for granted. Being used as pawns for World Bank and International Monetary Fund grants and loans, but not to get anything out of the funds given to the government. The state was supposed to develop and make opportunities for the public. The state was supposed to shelter and make sure the citizens are safe. Instead they sheltering and harbouring one small elite and the President’s Men.

That’s why people are acting out. They have had it and seen enough. Where there is smoke, there is fire. The village is on fire, but the firemen is not to be seen. The ones who is supposed to make it stop. Is using their time arresting their enemies, than doing their actual job. That is why people are tired.

Museveni have let things burn and hoped no one would smell it. However, at one point the smoke and flames will overshadow anything else. Then, the President and his men got no where to hide. While no matter what forces he sends to stop it. Everything in its way will burn and the next man taking the reigns has to rebuild. All, because one man could never let go and became the same oppressor as the oppressors he was supposed to liberate the public from. Peace.

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