FDC’s Presidential Candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat arrested and detained in Gulu

Patrick Oboi Amuriat arrested in Gulu where he was expected to address his supporters this evening at Awere Sports Ground teargas and live bullets continue rocking the city.” (Kungu Al-mahadi Adam, 18.11.2020).

The authorities have decided that today was enough of peaceful campaigns and go rouge towards the opposition candidates. This is the second opposition Presidential arrested today. They arrested him as he was heading to a rally in Gulu.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential Flag-Bearer and Party President is currently detained in Gulu Central Police Station. We don’t know what charges yet, but expect to billed to the Penal Code 171 or in same fashion as Bobi Wine. As these are both main competitors to the Presidency.

Also, there has been reports of supporters and activists of the party arrested at the same time as the Presidential candidates. This shows to what extent the state goes to silence the opposition. POA is just another one who is supposed ask for the blessing of the anointed one. Clearly, he didn’t get the memo and that he was to be punished.

POA is just a man who honestly tried to carry the campaign and his “barefoot” message to the public. Still, that is so dangerous to the authorities that they had to arrest him. We shouldn’t be shocked, as he was violently taken and lost his shoes on the day of nomination. Therefore, this follows their steady program.

POA has also been blocked and had trouble holding rallies since nomination. So, it is just taking it up a notch. This is the steady impunity of the state towards opposition. POA is just another target, which the state has their aim upon.

The state have followed, monitored and always gone after the FDC. Therefore, this isn’t new. They easily find reasons to besiege the FDC headquarters in Kampala. That’s why this is a sign of what is ahead. When POA get arrested and detained like this in Gulu. Peace.

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