Opinion: Even if Abiy wins this war… he has lost his reputation

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy ordered this war on the 3rd November 2020. A direct war to annihilate and get rid of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Where he has attacked a state, a region and used all military force to sustain this. That is using the Federal Army and their weaponry to combat the Tigrayan forces. Therefore, we can easily assess that the Prime Minister isn’t a man of peace anymore.

PM Abiy is a man who like the glory, the publicity and being in the spotlight. He favours being a donor darling and a man of the West. A man who can get support from allies across a variety of nations and be respected for him name. Alas, now he is yet another war-lord. Another man who arrests, detains and get rid of opposition. We know this from the brutal battles and actions done in Oromia. Where he has gotten rid of and detained anyone who oppose him.

In Tigray he went to a full out war over a Constitutional Dispute and didn’t want to mediate or negotiate with the former allies of TPLF. He has worked with the TPLF for ages and been associated with them in the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Front (EPRDF) government, but we are supposed to forget that fact too.

Therefore, Abiy knows his “enemies” and know their structure. The man know how they work and operate. He has worked close with them in the past and knows their “Special Forces” and now deemed them militias, because they cannot be associated with the Federal Army anymore. That is because of the sudden changes and decisions made Addis Ababa over the remain fractions in Mekelle. This is just the bleak reality in this.

Because of the ego of Abiy is the reason why we are here. He wants to end on top and be supreme. The man wants to be the hero and look like a majesty. Prime Minister Abiy wants to be King or an Emperor. This is why anyone not abiding to his words and his orders deserves retribution. That is why the Oromo has suffered and now the Tigrayans are doing it too.

Abiy is avenging himself on all Tigrayans, while his only supposed to sanction and go after the TPLF. The PM is using all means to punish them and even take away their jobs because of their ethnicity.

This was all over an constitutional dispute, an election in September and suspension of it federally because of “COVID-19”. While there is no issues ordering a war in the same time-frame and make more people either internally displaced or become refugees in Sudan. The PM is clearly very fixated on total control and that’s why his hunting after the TPLF at this point.

Even if the Prime Minister wins this war. His still a lost soul. Nobody honestly can trust him. He kneeled and greeted the opposition. Later he arrested, detained and charged them maliciously. Now, his going after the former allies… who he has made his enemies. That is why he attacked Dr. Tedros Adhanom and claimed all sort of behavior while his working as the head of the World Health Organization (WHO). That’s all happening for one reason: Dr. Adhanom is a high ranking official in Executive Committee of the TPLF and suddenly that makes him a target of Abiy. Like everyone else in the TPLF is that by association. Not a good look…

The truth about who Abiy is now out. His not a man of peace, but yet another War-Lord and the ones who stands in his way will be silenced. That is image and the perception he now has unleashed. His not a man of honour, but a man who finish of his critics and opposition with an iron fist. Peace.

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