Ethiopia: PM Abiy seeking a regiment from Juba to help him in Tigray(!)

Just as there been reports of shelling from the Eritrean side of the border towards the Tigray Region. Also been reports of usage of United Arab Emirates Drones to conduct warfare and missions within the Tigray Region. The international sphere and neighbours are intervening in the 13 day long war between the Federal Government under Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy of the Prosperity Party and the fight against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

We know that Sudanese has closed the borders. They are not interfering, but have tried by the Sovereign Council to get IGAD to mediate in the conflict. However, Abiy have dodged that and dismissed the calls from Khartoum. The PM on the other hand has gotten a heads-up and a thumbs-up from Djibouti. As they are coming with an helping hand and in solidarity.

Now there is reports of further escalation:

November 16, 2020 (Thessherald)–The Office of the Ethiopian Prime Minister has reportedly sent a letter – requesting 4,000 troops from neighboring South Sudan as the armed conflict escalates in the Tigray region, a senior government official told Thessherald. “Yes, the Ethiopian Prime Minister has requested us to help them bring orders in their own country by contributing at least 4,000 SSPDF soldiers to fight alongside their forces,” said the official, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal” (The South Sudan Herald – ‘ETHIOPIA REQUESTS 4,000 TROOPS FROM S. SUDAN AS VIOLENCE REACHES BOILING POINT’ 16. 11.2020).

This is like asking for a “half” division or a regiment of troops to support the ones who is already there. We know that the Prime Minister is already trying to enlist students and let them abandon Universities to join the National Army. This has been leaked through letters, which shows the state intention with this war. As well, as there been troops moving from Somalia and gotten moved all the way to Tigray region. Therefore, the state using its means to combat the TPLF.

That is why it’s not shocking that the PM would ask this. As he would ask for mercenaries and soldiers of fortune to fight his battle in Tigray. That he would use South Sudan People’s Defence Force (SSPDF) to participate in their “Operation Law Enforcement”. If the ones believe in its simplistic targets and quick-fix mandate. Must be seriously rocked to its core, knowing the back-channel to Juba to ask for reinforcement. This together with the shelling and the usage of UAE supported military gear. That is all using all friendships of Abiy to annihilate the TPLF and bomb the region into pieces.

We should worry the way the Prime Minister Abiy is using his allies here. That will make the battles and the suffering more decisive as he intends to use all means to annihilate the enemy. There will be no soft touch, but brothers with hasty trigger-fingers. They will pull the hammer and ensure the men is down.

That he has used this diplomatic capital in Asmara, Khartoum, Djibouti City, Dubai and now trying to get something out of Juba too. Who knows of new Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen was on a mission to secure more help from Kampala and Nairobi as well. Since, they might not leak that out, but done in closed doors meetings with Museveni and Kenyatta. However, they wouldn’t say this that quickly. Because, that would look bad at this current time.

We can see that the PM is using all means, that he sends birds with a message to get help from Juba, South Sudan. That says it all. This says that the PM is willing to have mercenaries and soldiers of fortune to fight his war. A war that he says is easy to win, but if it was so easy too win? Why do you need foreigners to do it for you? Don’t you have enough soldiers and arms to kill the dragon?

Well, it seems like his seeking superiority with hired guns. That is not a good look and this is why the source wanted to be anonymous. Peace.

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