Tanzania: Lissu back in exile is a sign of Magufuli’s vengeance …

That CHADEMA leader Tundu Lissu returned to exile after the election this year is a sign of the brutal reality. It is a sign that everything isn’t good in the United Republic of Tanzania. The ones following it knows the election was heist of the ruling regime and the incumbent President Joseph Magufuli. Who rigged the polls before with de-registering opposition candidates, ticked-off ballots and direct intimidation. The results doesn’t reflect the will of the people, but the will of Magufuli.

The use of criminal proceedings and use of the law against the opposition is an open shop for police brutality and political prisoners. These people are taken in and arrested for their affiliation and that that they dare to challenge the system. This is why they are arrested, detained and charged on phony counts of crimes. Usually the types where there is no bail and the state can keep them indefinitely.

President Magufuli must be proud of himself. Arresting activists and leaders of the opposition. Ensuring the ones who has the ability will seek refuge elsewhere. Because they know the President and his folks comes with a vengeance. They are not looking for mercy or redemption. No, they are aiming at the heart and will punish you.

President Magufuli will talk of order, rule of law and democracy. Even though he knows his lying and misusing his office. The President knows perfectly well what he has done and ordered. Gotten the fixers, the mechanics and everyone who needs to get things in the right order. Because, that is what he has done.

It is a reason why former Opposition MP flees to Kenya and why Lissu flees back to Europe. They went into campaigns hoping to challenge and go against the mighty CCM. However, the CCM isn’t playing and they are not doing anything with sense. No, it is battle of control and showing fierce force. Not showing tolerance or openness. If so, the elections, campaigns and laws ahead of the campaigns would be like they are. The civil society and opposition parties space has already been shrink and they have less mobility without the acceptance of some sort of authority. The same is with the media, social media users and whatnot. Everyone needs to follow the President and whatever inklings he has. And never ever ever think to insult his character or his achievements. Because, Magufuli is the greatest man since Christ.

That is the sadness of it all. That the biggest competitor and supposed challenger needed to flee to exile to be safe and sound. That Tundu Lissu is in a flat in Belgium. Says more about Tanzania, than it says about him.

Tundu Lissu had deserved a better fate. The United Republic had deserved something else then this heist. The CCM has tricked itself and Magufuli has outplayed himself this time. The gig is up and the rules maybe be in his favour. However, the bleak reality is that he has rule in fear, intimidation and the power of the law. Not rule on a legitimate ground or be respected by the electorate. Because, the President trusts more in the algorithm and the fake love. That is his ball-park and home.

Lissu might seem like the loser in this, as he had to flee and go into exile. However, in concern Magufuli might feel like a victor. As he has the throne, the title and everything around him saluting him. Nevertheless, his a fool for thinking so. It is all on a false premise and forged. The vain and vanity will cost him. Might not do it now, but his legacy and what people see in him is forever torn apart.

When you have broken the glass… it is hard to mend it back together. Peace.

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