Opinion: Prime Minister Abiy have opened up Pandora’s Box!

Pandora’s box comes from the ancient Greek story about a character named Pandora, who was given a box as a wedding gift but was ordered not to open it. Eventually, curiosity overcame her and she opened the box, releasing death, evil, and misery into the world. The term Pandora’s box was first used in English to refer to something that could cause many problems sometime around 1570” (MacMillan Dictionary Blog – ‘Pandora’s box’, 2017).

On the 3rd November 2020 he ordered the army to attack Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). It is now on the 12th day of the civil war between the Federal Government (Prosperity Party) versus the TPLF. Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy is terming this as an “Operation Law Enforcement” and to regain “Rule of Law”. While not deeming it as war or warfare, even has his ordering soldiers, airstrikes and direct military operation in the regional state of Tigray.

This is why the Tigrayan civilians are fleeing the region to Sudan. Why the Tigrayan citizens are banned, arrested and silenced in the public sphere. The Federal Government isn’t only going after the TPLF, but everyone who has the ethnic background. So, the PM is taking more of ills from Pandora’s Box.

Prime Minister Abiy opened Pandora’s Box and all the ills went out of it. The hope is left behind. The PM wasn’t supposed to open it. He was given the box and wasn’t told not to do so. However, he still did it. The PM went to war and now the affects will appear. The ethnic angle, the horrific massacres and human rights violations will be revealed down the line. When the refugees is speaking and investigations into the acts of the parties are unleashed to the public. Because of the media blackout, the telephone and lack of internet. There is little to nothing coming out, except for the narrative the state wants to have out.

This is why we don’t know all the pain, the suffering or the dire needs in the region, as the state is closing it off. The little coming out is in favour of either party and alleging the caused it. While we cannot know who did it or what went down. Both parties has reasons to dismiss and claim otherwise to look better in the public perception. To make the other party look evil or causing war-crimes. Therefore, at this point … it is hard to know, if it is this or that.

However, when the Prime Minister opened Pandora’s Box. He wouldn’t know what ills and evil would come out of it. Now there is bombs in Massawa and Asmara of Eritrea yesterday. Some claim it was missiles from Tigray, other local detonations. There has also been attacks on Gondar and Bahi Dar this week. Therefore, it wouldn’t be shocking if there was sudden explosives in Addis Ababa to attack government facilities or things dear to the heart of the Prime Minister. As a retort to the attacks in Tigray. That is natural in the circumstances of war and warfare. Not its fair to innocent civilians, but neither is airstrikes and battles in own communities done by government soldiers who are supposed to protect them in the first place.

This is why the box is now haunting the Prime Minister. He opened the lid and let it all out. The PM cannot return it now. Especially, as he whole heartedly believes he can finish his mission and contain the TPLF. He thinks he has the upper-hand as he also will be aligned with Eritrea to beat the TPLF. However, whatever Sudan decides to do will be crucial. As they are feeling the aftermath and the costs of sheltering fleeing civilians. Which are the citizens the PM is supposed to protect.

That is why there is no true winners of war. Only losers, the ones that lost less is the winner. The one who overcome the tragedies and horrific events.

Pandora’s Box have been opened and the effects of it is happening right now. Peace.

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