Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy has unleashed a beast he cannot control

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or in the holy name of liberty or democracy?”Mahatma Gandhi

On the 3rd November 2020, ten days ago the first reports of the Military Operation was happening in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia. Now 10 days ago a lot has happen. There will be more of a aftermath for every single day. Especially, since the state is shielding their efforts with total black-out of information. Where there is only their “information” or leaked statements from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Which is the one party that is under siege and is deemed illegal by all means since the start of the war.

Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy ordered this on the 3rd November 2020. Since, then his government have issued all means to stop Tigrayan people from working. Sacking them for the ethnic background. That is what is happening.

There is even massacres happening, possible destruction of land-marks and expensive infrastructure like a dam generating electricity. That is the sort of state of affairs. There is even speculations, but not verified that several of incarceration units have been put in place just for Tigrayan citizens across the republic. However, this has not verified, but with the other sackings and issuing stay-home orders for them. The state is working directly to make life hard just because of ethnicity… that is the sort of life the Prime Minister has to offer his citizens.

To revenge the TPLF he has to take everyone who is with their ethnicity. That is the sort of fella the PM is. This is the sort of revenging means. Not only delegitimize, discredit and criminalize the political party, but also target the general population of the region. That is what he has done and is doing. This is why the civilians are fleeing. Already over 14,000 has fled within 10 days of battles.

The Prosperity Party and the Federal Government should be torn in the flesh. As the warfare is killing not only Tigrayan soldiers, but also killing civilians. The Federal Government is also losing soldiers as casualties as well. Therefore, the bloodshed is happening and at a pace we don’t know. The battles, the skirmishes and the “Law Enforcement Operation” aka Warfare will cost lives on all sides. It will hurt innocent civilians and it will continue to cause havoc for a long time.

The PM is responsible for this. It is on his orders. There is even orders to keep students away from campus and the universities. They are supposed to enlist and join the army. That is the sort of government the PP is at the moment.

When the PM ordered the army to attack the TPLF. He might thought it would be a quick fix. There has been reports of moving brigades from Somalia to fight there as well. Now, his enlisting students to add new men to the battlefield as well.

This here will not be over quickly, especially when the PM and PP has shown no interest in mediation from IGAD, Kenyan Special Envoy or from African Union. The PM is more involved in hoping to write the final death-note of the TPLF.

This here hasn’t just escalating, but is spiralling out. Sooner or later, the TPLF and other groups will use the weakness of the government. They will ensure the moment of weakness to strike. As the government is occupied in a futile war over a constitutional dispute. Which could have been resolved over negotiations and dialogue. However, the Prime Minister prefers to solve these things with guns to install favourable allies. This is why he wages this war and works to eliminate the TPLF.

The TPLF isn’t saints, but the PP isn’t honourable either. The TPLF should answer for past sins in office. Just like this PM has to answer for his. He will answer for this war and the lives his taken on his watch. That is just the tragic result of this.

When you start a war.. you never, never know how it ends. However, you have opened up a door to reality that moves and shifts. War isn’t an animal easy to domesticate. It is a wild animal and a brutal one. It can look friendly, but if you stir his play-pen you will torn to pieces. Therefore, the end-game is unknown and the results might not be what the goal when it was started.

This PM will live with this. His whole party and all his allies will answer for these actions. They will be remembered for this war. It has only been 10 days. We have no idea of the ramifications, but we know innocent lives has been taken. People are hurt, starving and bombed. There are communities in dire need and warfare is an ugly beast. An ugly beast the PM unleashed on his own citizens on the 3rd November 2020. The ramafications of that beast is all on him. He has to be responsible for what happens during thsi time. The costs, the pain and the suffering for unleashing this beast. Is all on him. Peace.

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