Opinion: Museveni will never run in a fair election [and it’s not happening now either]

Don’t shoot the messenger… this is the brutal reality that everyone has to wake up too. The General Election and Presidential Election in 2021 will not be different than anything else we have seen my lifetime. In the Republic, there has only been one President and that has Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The Presidential Election of 2021 will be no different then the previous ones. There will be same sort of ordeal and arranged results, which will benefit the President and his growing patronage. That is the reality of our time.

To believe that this President who used a bush-war to get power will suddenly drop the mantle and give the nation a peaceful transition is naive. It is mind-boggling and also the aftermath of doing so would worry the old man. After everything said and done, he knows his sins and acts in office. The President knows what sort of behaviour he has used and what sort of regime he has run.

It doesn’t matter who runs against him… the intention isn’t to have a fair election or a level playing field. Neither is the election there to ensure the will of the people. No, the election is to buy “legitimacy” and “international recognition” for another term. So, that the President can gain loans and development grants to spoil himself and his relatives. We know the drill…

That people like Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is gaining momentum and popularity is a sign of hope. However, that is all it is. There been others who has fought this battle before and never become a victor.

There been Dr. Paul Ssemogerere and Dr. Kizza Besigye have fought this one and been popular at rallies, elections and even seemed like successors at the polls. They have used their campaigns and their message to gain massive popularity. Still, that haven’t been enough as it has fizzled out and the revolution is unfinished.

Just like they never finished it.

It doesn’t matter if

Bobi Wine is able to rise to the stars,

If … Patrick Amuriat Oboi is able to travel to the black hole…

Even if Mugisha Muntu can speak in tongues and defy gravity.

Still, none of this men will succeed through the ballot. The ballot is only a game, which Museveni does for a purpose. These men will all fail. Not because there is anything wrong with their campaigns or with their will to get a peaceful transition from Museveni. They will not do it this way.

If the General Election goes through the motions, the normal campaigns and sloganeering across the Republic. There will very little achieved. The Presidential Candidates of the past done the same. The big crowds, the momentum and the sudden rise of an opposition candidate, but Museveni ends on top after waiting a few days after the polls. In days of media and social media blackouts. Opposition arrests and raids, also house-arrests of the key opposition leaders as well. Therefore, this game is ready and set.

Museveni will not play soft, this is his rule and reign. The President will not lose it all and his not gambling it.

This piece is not to downplay Bobi Wine and his allies. No, it is just to say. We have been here before.. I have seen similar before and therefore, unless there is a revolution and a popular uprising. The President and his allies cannot contain. Then there is no reason for him to flee his State House and give up his estates. He owns it all and unless his pressured in a manner, which he cannot control. I doubt he will give it up.

He fought and he has no plans to give it up. There is no plan to do so. If he has continued like this for this long. I doubt he suddenly will have an epiphany and come to his senses. However, there is no will and way for him act democratically and ensure a peaceful transition. That ship has sailed. Therefore, the futile thinking this election will be decided by the polls is totally bonkers.

That is already secured long time ago.

Not like he planned to have a free and fair election, because if he did… he would risk losing and that would never happen. The man cannot lose … that is not in the cards. Peace.

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