Tchad: Field Marshal Déby for life

In N’Djamena, the capital of Tchad the President since 2nd December 1990 is now known as the Field Marshal (maréchal) of Tchad, Idriss Déby Itno, President of the Republic, the head of state (chef d’État).

This is Idriss Déby Itno who today on the 10th November 2020 proclaimed that his standing for yet another term in April 2021. This is another term in office after being the head of state for 31 years. Tchad is clearly lacking manpower and people with skills. Since they need the same man for so long.

Déby helped a coup in the 1982, but years later himself fled to Sudan in exile because of another foiled coup in 1989, but achieved his goals in 1990. Since then he has reigned supreme in the Republic. Where he has changed the laws and ensured his reign.

Officially in 2016 he won his “fifth” term, but then you are erasing the first term, which was his coup d’etat. The International Media will state his running for the 6th Term. However, that is not reflecting the timeline and years, which he wasn’t elected.

For the simple reason, Déby won the first post-independent election in 1996. Alas, he had a term in office before being elected. The Chadian President is officially on his 5th Term, but then again we are erasing his first years. This is why this is his 6th Term and his running for 7th term and because of constitutional changes he can run again for his 8th Term in 2027. As the terms of Presidency has gone from 5 to 6 years as well.

The Field Marshal, the Head of State and President of Tchad hasn’t any plans to step down. Expect the elections to be fixed and rigged in his favour. The opposition will be in trouble and he will control everything. There will be jammed phone-lines, social media blackout and internet blockage. The state will be under lockdown after the polls. That is what these sort of folks do. While playing like they are legitimate leaders.

Déby will do this. It is the nature of these things. He will run for his 7th Term, even if media and elsewhere will state it’s his 6th Term. That is because of lack of counting the first six years in office. This is something happens elsewhere as well. It is like the first coup years of an administration is erased after they have held an election. An unwritten rule of sorts, which just happens to occur everywhere.

Déby usually serves the same fate as others in his stead. The ones who took power this way isn’t leaving office, but lingering for life. That is what he does, but also boosting more titles to make himself look grandeur. He needs to look big and have certainly a huge ego. Therefore, he cannot leave office.

An office he has had since 1990. It seems like forever and plenty of the citizens in his republic doesn’t remember other Presidents than him. That isn’t strange, but reflects more on Déby himself. This is what he has made and it all falls down on him.

Déby is yet another one of those self-styled President for life. Who will use all legal means to stay in office and leaves no plan of any successor. Idriss will be remembered for this. The up-coming election is only a charade, because we know the results already. The books are written and headlines are predetermined. It is only a a waiting game, where we know the results even before it starts. Peace.

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