Opinion: Tshisekedi thought he was King, but his only Kabila’s servant…

The consultations are prolonged with President Felix Tshisekedi who are trying to aspire for the top and getting more influence. However, when he went into the agreement or accord with the FCC. The President and leader of UPDS sold his coalition for a title. The CACH, the UPDS-UNC coalition gave way to the FCC  with their majority and in the end, would be the underdog in a agreement with them. He wouldn’t be the sole proprietor, but the ceremonial leader of the Republic. Something that has hit his ego and the ideals of Felix himself.

Now its over a year since they made the accord. The FCC-CACH was the altruistic agreement, which benefits the former President Joseph Kabila. Kabila doesn’t need a title, but his coalition of FCC still controls the Parliament and the Cabinet. The arrangement makes sure that the CACH is following the line of the FCC. That is why the consultations are happening. Still, that is a lost enterprise by Tshisekedi.

Tshisekedi sold his party and his vision for the priced possession of the Presidency. I called him a puppet from the get-go. However, it seems like it took time for him to understand that. With the negotiations and the time consuming appointments of cabinet members. It is like the President didn’t think he had to involve and listen to FCC before moving. This is why Tshisekedi will struggle or face harsh problems if he doesn’t follow the will of FCC. Even if the man isn’t initially part of the FCC, but he traded with them and this is the price.

That his trying to play the “Sacred Union” and save the union gimmick. This doesn’t shadow the accord already made and that he will loose out. If he plays to hard. The punishment will come his way. If the FCC has no tears for the fall of Vital Kamerhe. What can happen to the President himself?

Tshisekedi should be worried, that the FCC comes with such a statement as they did. It sends the signal that his not the big-man, but the one carrying the water for the moment. They have a hired mercenary and soldier on the front-line. UPDS-UNC has very little bargain or little leverage, if any. As that was traded for a title and some seats in the cabinet.

Kabila has outsmarted Tshisekedi and he knows it. No matter what road his taking. It will end in tears. There will be no victory for Tshisekedi. If he pushes to far… the FCC would punish him and make life even harder. The consultations are only showing to the public the weakness of this President.

A President who wants to be grand, be great and respected. However, he is forgetting how he got there. He didn’t win the election, neither did his comrades. No, he didn’t win anything, but he bargained himself to a position.

Tshisekedi cannot think he can play this one out differently. There will be no victory for him. He is a puppet. The President is a servant for the former President, which is an ironic place to be in. Kabila still pulling the strings, while Tshisekedi is the one in the limelight. However, to be someone’s pawn at the top must hurt his pride, but he got no choice. That is the deal he made and he got to live with it. Peace.

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