A look into Bobi Wine’s Manifesto Launch Speech

Our assurance is that when we take over government, which we shall soon do, the people of Uganda will for the first time in history become the bosses and the leaders will be servants!”Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine on the 7th November 2020

Today was the day the National Unity Platform finally launched its manifesto. This after being blocked from doing so yesterday and moved to stadium outside of Mbarara. The NUP shifted place,e but goals stay the same. I will look into key points from this speech. As this sets the tone of it all. He continues on the 5 point programme to revitalize the government, which I have already analysed before in comparison to Museveni’s 10 Point Programme. So, it is natural that the Manifesto has focus on this.

However, what is key is some other statements during the speech. Which shows his sentiment and his belief that he can make a difference. Where the NUP and People Power can come into play. That is what I am looking for here and will discuss.

Fellow citizens, before I go into any policy alternatives, allow me to mention that the greatness of any nation does not lie in having a beautiful manifesto or even in having many well written policy documents. The greatness of any nation lies in the commitment of leaders who say what they mean and mean what they say. It lies in having patriotic leaders who relate with the challenges of ordinary citizens. Brothers and sisters, the greatness of any nation lies in having leaders who are focused on the next generation and not on the next general election” (Bobi Wine, 07.11.2020).

Here he state a mere fact. This is something the National Resistance Movement has done for ages. The NRM have come with beautiful plans and policies. However, they haven’t implemented it. They have come with pledges and promises, but never delivered on it. Here it seems like Bobi Wine has the right focus. To think further than an election cycle, but a generation ahead.

It speaks to a government which does not care whatsoever about the plight of the people! The election year is yet again upon us, and yet again, Gen. Museveni has come again with the same promises, which he has no intention of fulfilling- not now, not in the future. This is the tragedy of Uganda” (Bobi Wine, 07.11.2020).

The recycling and repeating promises of the regime is tiring. The state and the President have come at every election cycle with huge promises, which he will never keep. Costly and needed pledges, which he has no tab to cover. Just what the public wants to hear, but not deliver. That is what he has done and still has no plan doing. Therefore, Bobi Wine is speaking the truth here. A truth the NRM and the President will hurry to dismiss…

In a nutshell ladies and gentlemen, A vote for NUP is a vote for a renewed commitment to the dignity of all citizens of Uganda. For the respect of fundamental human rights. For the recognition that all citizens are equal before and under the law. That will be a new Uganda for us. A Uganda In which citizens are free to enjoy their God given rights and freedoms” (Bobi Wine, 07.11.2020).

This statement from Bobi Wine came after he listed several of pledges, as he promised to nearly all parts of the citizens to see changes. Where the limitations of state, changes of governance and direct government. Like less cabinet members and other technical changes to save the state so it could prioritize funds for civil service and public service in general, which in the end would deliver better government services to its citizens. Not only be a government filled with patronage and corruption.

He really speaks with velocity of change, in a manner, which only resembles Besigye. That is what he did with the speech today. As he launches a manifesto. A manifesto that only reflects all the things the NRM have failed over the years. Because, if the NRM had delivered and done their duty. The NUP and Bobi Wine wouldn’t need to deliver these pledges and promises of change.

The final key to let it happen is this:

This is a liberation struggle. It will take all of us citizens to complete this mission” (Bobi Wine, 07.11.2020).

He cannot do this alone. To become the servant with an office. Bobi Wine needs to the citizens to join the struggle and the challenge to defeat the regime. That will not be easy. This has been proven before and will be the truth again. If the public wants someone else than Museveni. They have to fight and be resilient. It isn’t a one-man job, but a mission for everyone. Hopefully the public is listening. Peace.

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