Bobi Wine Nomination Day: Muhoozi oozes entitlement from far away

“I told you my young brother, that you can NEVER intimidate us. We are much stronger than you can ever imagine to be. If you want to fight we will simply defeat you. We want peace! But if you attempt to fight us then Bring it on!” – Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga on 3rd November 2020

This is a clear sign of what’s to come. The same sounding like his father, the President. Muhoozi wouldn’t even have a voice or be taken serious. If it wasn’t for being in the family. That his one part of the First Family. If he wasn’t? He would be the drunk uncle or nephew that no one would take serious at any time of day.

Muhoozi is just entitled. Instead of seeing an election and the struggle of Bobi Wine. He instead goes all gun blazing. That he cannot reckon the moment of Bobi Wine and the opposition. Says it all. That he cannot be silent for a minute and let the things sink in.

The brat and braggadocios man. A man who thinks his so darn important. That he should be the next in line. He has flaunted the “Project Muhoozi” and been vocal about too. Now, he addresses Bobi Wine like he has the authority. This man is only something because of his kin. Not because his smart, brilliant or have any sort skills.

Muhoozi wouldn’t be anyone if it wasn’t for his ties to the First Family. If he was a random citizen. Nobody would have bothered to care. However, his the son of the President. Therefore, his words matters..

He got to incite fear and intimate. Just like his father does. It runs in the family. Because, he cannot run on morals, ethics or even policies. The man got non worth mentioning at this point. Only glossy propaganda and fanfare of his father. That is what he does.

Muhoozi doesn’t bring anything to the table. Only hot air and that is it. Peace.

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