Tanzania: Opposition leaders arrested and charged with terrorism

“Mbowe and his accomplices will be charged with terrorism offenses because someone has given us evidence that they planned to blow up petrol stations in Dar and bring great disaster” – SACP Lazaro Mambosasa

All the gloves are off, there is no excuses anymore. The state is going total hostile against all opposition and dissidents. After several of arrests. There are already lingering MP Aspirants and former MPs of Chadema and ACT Wazalendo behind bars since the day of the polls. Now, as the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) is inaugurating itself and having ceremonies finishing the elections.

The state is giving its retribution to its opponents. Today, CHADEMA leader Freeman Mbowe was arrested. Also, former Arusha MP Godbless Lema, former Dar Es Salaam mayor Isaya Mwita and Boniface Jacob have all been arrested today.

ACT Wazelendo leader Zitto Kabwe have been able to avoid arrest. While the Police has raided the offices of the party. They have tried to arrest him, but his still free at this moment of time.

There are even said from the authorities that the likes of Mbowe is charged with terrorism for planning the scheduled protests of the elections this year. The state is going all out to assault and silence its critics. There are already people associated and running for office within the Act Wazalendo and Chadema who is behind bars before today. Therefore, today was ramping it up and settling the score.

There are several of others who are charged with terrorism offences, which means the state has secured this people behind bars. Because, with those charges, there is no option to get bail and the state can keep them indefinitely. That is a clear sign of what the is ahead. If you thought the first period of Magufuli was bad. His consolidating his one-party state this time around.

Instead of showing that he had a true victory in late October this year. He is rounding up the ones questioning his legitimacy and the rigged elections. That is because, he fears their supporters and what they can spark. We have seen how militarized the Union Day celebration been under Magufuli and that is clearly not changing anytime soon.

The CCM isn’t playing, but aiming to misbehave. They are using all means to keep people silenced and not disrupt their control. That is why the leadership, the people well-known in the opposition is behind bars and charged with terrorism. Even when all they we’re planning was to protest and hold demonstrations.

That is clearly deemed as “terror” these days in the United Republic. To demonstrate equates to terrorism. If you know, now you know. Peace.

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