Opinion: The BBI is a forced referendum – no one asked for…

The Building Bridges Initiative for National Unity (or the BBI) seems more and more like a political game for a very chosen few and not for the mwananchi. The President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement Party President Raila Odinga is both busy selling this.

They are working on overtime, as they have delivered a second report and envisioning a referendum on it. As the BBI Report have constitutional changes. This is to make the changes Kenyatta wanted all along, but using Odinga to sell it for him.

We could all play along. I’m not with Deputy President William Ruto and hiking on one of his wheelbarrows. However, the BBI isn’t what it promise to be. It is a political game to fit a narrative and to ensure the political elite. The reason why Ruto is out that? Well, he is an outsider, but an insider working closely to the dynasties over the years. He has forced himself to side and has to play along. Something that isn’t easy when your selling wheelbarrows and the others constitutional reforms…

Odinga is busy scheming with Kenyatta. Kenyatta has it all in his bag. Everyone else is carrying his water. The media is playing the songs too. There is little attacks or sensible voices to speak about. The BBI seems settled and already mended to have the votes. That is why the IEBC addressed ODM within seconds after the allegations of costs with a possible referendum.

That shows the ODM and Jubilee have planned this and launched in this manner. To soften the idea over the years of the handshake. Ensure they have enough to pull it off ahead of 2022 and secure their will political changes.

The main changes is for the political elite, the cartels and the ones who wants a more powerful President with less safeguards around the office. The BBI is a gift to a big-man and a autocratic leader in the future. Some of the suggestions and changes would amplify the President and weaken the other branches of the government. This being the Judiciary or others, who would be easily controlled by the President. The same being cabinet and other appointments, which would ensure total loyalty from the top.

That is why the switcher-oo of Prime Minister and Deputy President is just a mere minor change title. Also, that the President can appoint the person and not have to be on a ticket at an election. Clearly, this is all to secure the President can be a stronger Executive with.

The end game of this is a Imperial President, the sort of overlord in office, which can only bring back the Moi era. That is why there was changes of constitution and securing the mwananchi rights. Instead, Kenyatta and Odinga wants to change that. So, they can eat more before their time is over.

They are trying to trick it. Pull a leg and push for a referendum, which is only to give more power to one man. This is not to make the Republic better or secure government services to the grand public.

Alas, if you want to be fooled… then you buy into this BBI, but if you haven’t caught the gist yet. It is a wet-dream of a autocrat. To have someone who doesn’t value democracy or values the public. That doesn’t want to be tested or kept in checks and balances with the government branches. That is why they are selling this …

The BBI is what some always wanted, but I never knew that some of these folks are aspiring to be the next Moi. Serving it through a referendum no one asked for. Peace.

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