Ethiopia: 3 billion birr to be wasted on the ‘useless’ Ministry of Peace

On the 16th October 2018 the Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy established the Ministry of Peace and appointed Muferiat Kamil to be the Minister of it. The intention and the mandate is fine and dandy. Which was to sustain the reforms and perform peace-building measures within the Federal Republic. However, what has happened ever since has been less of peace.

The state has sent the army, the police and all its authorities to silence dissidents and all opposition. That is why the state has such a vast amount of political prisoners and arrests of activists across the Republic. The mass amounts of deaths in Amhara, Oromia and in Ogaden is all a result of the extra judicial killings supported by the Central Government.

The House of Federation haven’t tried to work in peace with the ones its representing. Neither is the Prime Minister working in the interests of dialogue. He first made peace with them, but later betrayed them all. By going even further than previous Prime Minister’s. That being arresting civilians, killing protesters and using COVID-19 as a reason to postpone elections.

This is why the government is illegitimate and unconstitutional for the very moment. They have an illegal 6th Year of the HoF. The Prosperity Party doesn’t have a mandate to be a legitimate government at the moment.

However, the PM and the PP act like they can do whatever and get away with it. It can order soldiers to the provinces, it can destroy villages, burn houses and use schools as prisons. That is what happening and is done at a grand scale.

The PM isn’t a man of peace. That was only done to make an impression internationally. However, at home is burning bridges. The PM is destroying families and misusing his power. A unelected man is acting as a emperor.

That is why he has established an Ministry, which is pointless. When there are gatherings of political prisoners. The main opposition is behind bars. The journalists and the activists daring to speak out. Will eventually get caught up with the law too. There is assassinations and arbitrary arrests.

If the government really worked for peace. It wouldn’t put shackles on their opposition and forge charges on them. If the government believed in the mandate of the Ministry of Peace. It wouldn’t use soldiers against peaceful civilians. All of that is a mockery of common sense.

The PM wants the praise and the glory. However, the true story is much more bleak than the stories the state is telling. The murders, the deaths and the ones lingering in the jails. Are not a sign of peace, but of war against their own. Instead of using your ears to listen to the ones oppressed. The state is using their mouth to be a voice-over the ones suffering. Not willing to listen, but instead screaming over the needs of the public.

The PM prefers shallow PR exercises that makes him look like a saint, while part of him is the angel of death. If he believed in peace and in dialogue. He wouldn’t act like this and accept the aggression against his own. However, that is what he does.

This is why the state is using 3 billion birrs this upcoming budget year on a wasted Ministry. It would be better to burn the bank-notes in front of the statute at Menelik II Square in Addis Ababa. At least it would give a little heat and make a spectacle. Because, at this very moment. Every coin is wasted and could have been used to help the general public.

Since, the Ministry of Peace is useless. It has nothing to give. When the PP and PM is using force against their own. There will be no peace, when you are ordering soldiers to peoples homes and villages. Peace.

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A Besigye Entanglement: The deception of 2015 resurfaces to praise Mzee

Today, Don Wanyama the Senior Press Secretary for the President. Who was hired directly from the Daily Monitor to serve the President. Now, his using a old video that was shared on WhatsApp before the Tarehe Sita celebration in 2015. It is a 1:05 video clip, which is edited to fit a narrative.

That the National Resistance Movement is using a doctored clip from 2015, which was used to booster the President in 2020 before the 2021. They are using the Besigye clip and a few wordings. As they wouldn’t use the whole clip. Because, Dr. Kizza Besigye wasn’t praising him senselessly, but instead was speaking the truths about it all. Which is something he has done all along.

That is why I will drop further parts of the interview from 2015. These quotations are really saying it all. We all know what he will say, but it still shows the sinister side of the “strategic thinking”, which is what the Don wanted to sell the crowds today. However, if he gave them the whole view. It would be more painful and not such a fake puff piece.

Here’s some of the quotes:

they were moved by his leadership and articulation of problems that our country was going through and what kind of remedies the country could have after the Idi Amin war.” (…) “one of the most eloquent, articulate leaders of that period in terms of painting a new picture of Uganda should be and that is what enthused us; that is what rallied us behind his leadership. And so we viewed him with a lot of respect and even love” (Besigye, January 2015)

It doesn’t matter whether the strategy is wrong, but nonetheless, he has one (strategy) in pursues. As we realise now he is on a totally wrong trajectory, a disastrous one in fact; but nonetheless, he has one he is pursuing it whether wrong or right” (Besigye, January 2015).

Museveni builds a plan (it doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong plan) and works hard and focuses on it aggressively everyday. Part of the reason Museveni is still here is because many of our people are not focussed; today he is pursuing one plan and tomorrow pursuing another plan, not following particular path of a plan leading to a particular path and avoiding all sorts of distractions. As you go on that plan, there will be all sorts of distractions; many of our people when a distraction comes, they leave their plan and first pursue the distraction and by the time he comes back, another distraction has arrived” (Besigye, January 2015).

I think those statements says it all about it. They are directly saying what is special and unique about Museveni. About his “strategies” and “strategic thinking”. A sort of leadership that Don Wanyama wouldn’t sell as Rollexes in Wandegeya, Kampala. It wouldn’t be edible and would lack the eggs. It would be part of it, but not the whole deal. You might even miss the red onions, as Museveni would have to many distractions. While you ordered your rollex to eat.

Therefore, the NRM are trying hard. They are working on overtime trying to sell Museveni. Using his old arch-enemy Besigye even. Ronald Muhinda addressed this clip on the 11th February 2019 on Facebook. The video and interview was originally uploaded by blogger Martha Leah Nangalama. So, her means as a government critic has been used as propaganda before and now again.

The NRM cannot help themselves and that’s why I got disturb the peace. In such a manner, where it all get to the court and you for yourself can see the deception made by the Don. Because, he would never use the rest of the interview. Because, that would damage the purpose and the cause. Peace.

Opinion: Mao is in a losing battle [even before he starts]

The Democratic Party President Norbert Mao seemed a little minute like they were not fielding a Presidential Candidate. This because the Electoral Commission didn’t have the candidate on the list. Just like other parties who was not on the listed to be verified and cleared. This is why it seemed like he wasn’t running.

Mao haven’t looked strong and his politicking ahead of the General Elections 2021. The Democratic Party looks more shallow and more of a side-show, than a well governed machine. This with a Party President in his third term.

The DP has already lost their trying out of DP Block or the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). These two combination have lost out. Mao have tried to become more important and a bigger star. However, it has fallen flat. He has lost his own MPs to both other opposition parties and to the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Now, we have a sudden letter of intent from Mao and the DP Party. After everyone else have been open and vocal. It seems like he has waited as long as possible to unleash it. To make a flash in the pan.

Mao at this point has to battle the same moderates as Muntu. The thing is that Mao never have been directly challenged by a man like Muntu. They are in the same space and with similar behaviour. Mao have been out there on his own more than Muntu. However, Muntu is more respected and credible. Even if he will negotiate and have dialogue into oblivion, instead of actually make a change, which is needed asap.

Mao is neither ruthless or brash. Neither does he has the finesse or the ability to score high. The man has failed in two elections already. First in 2011 and totally abysmal in 2016. Now he returns for the third time and second time Presidential Candidate.

He has not seasoned like wine. Mao haven’t gotten better with the years. To be honest he was better in the early 2010st than he is now. It is like he has lost the spunk and the flair. Mao is running the same game and hoping it will give returns.

However, the main challenger isn’t Muntu, even if he is the man in the same space as Mao. Mao got to challenge Bobi Wine, which he cannot. The People Power Movement and National Unity Platform (NUP) have rocked the opposition. In a manner, which haven’t happen in a while. Besigye had popularity and people behind him. Bobi Wine has the same for this generation.

That is why Mao got nothing to give. His a lucky loser here. He will play, but will only loose. A nice mantle and fun games, but the cards he has is only good enough for bluff. As a Presidential Candidate in 2021 he can never win.

Mao could become someone in Gulu, even an MP representing Gulu. Nevertheless, he aims at the throne. A place where he got nothing to entertain and nothing to offer. Other than being a man who fights for the same secure space as Muntu.

Mao wants to be more. He wants to be the educated and wise brother. The former Guild President wants to be the elite and the modern nobility of the Republic. However, he got nothing to gain or to win. This is a losing battle, even before it starting.

It’s a tragicomedy and the main act is Norbert Mao himself. Peace.

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Tanzania: Magufuli aims to be the kingpin

The polls yesterday 28th October 2020 is an abysmal affair. A travesty of an election. Where it was a free-for-all for all tricks of the trade of rigging it in favour of the President and his ruling party Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM). Joseph Magufuli and his allies shown no scruples, no care and only grabbing power by any means.

The incumbent president wants to be remembered as self-imposed tyrant. He wants to be remembered for using shady tricks, blocking opposition, arresting MPs and candidates. Also, using the army against civilians to intimidate and kill to get ahead. That is the sort of man, Magufuli is.

Magufuli doesn’t care about his reputation or his standing internationally. He will break all codes and all measures to get total control. The man will have pre-ticked ballots, stuffed ballot boxes, arresting poll agents and a total media black-out. Because, that man doesn’t want to be questioned by anyone.

Before 2015 there was this “What Would Magufuli do?” well, now in 2020 we do what he does. Still, he will persist with an illegitimate term and have power of all institutions. Clearly, not caring about the will of the people or the justification to be on top. That is why his using the state as his racket. His racketeering and using the state as his playpen. The President is now a Kingpin.

A big giant kingpin, a mobster and thief in office. He stole this office and did it deliberately. The Opposition can petition the Courts and can ask for recognition abroad. However, that will not matter if he has the throne and that he retains the powers with it. The President has the power and can use the muscle against the ones who are vocal against him. That is why people are getting all sort of forged charges and barred from the public. If you are a writer, journalist, comedian, activist or an opposition leader. You will get into trouble sooner or later. That is how it is in the United Republic at this very moment.

That is why Magufuli wants to be remembered as a Kingpin. He wants to be the top-dog and remembered for it indefinitely. The infinite boss and the emperor of Tanzania. That is his end game and goal.

Everyone supposed to love him and obey him. If you don’t, you will regret it. That is the reality of it all. The man must be so proud of himself and his achievement. That he got to use the army, the institutions and everything at his finger-tips to impose himself on his own people.

That is the grandeur of Magufuli. That is the greatness and the upper echelon aims of this man. Instead of being really elected.

The illegitimate government and rigged election will haunt him. Maybe not really at first. Someone will condemn, some will petition, but at the end of the day. The man has all powers and the International Community will ask for some reforms, but will not follow suit. They will only cry, if the exports of vital things stops or their interests are breached. As long as that doesn’t happen. They will not care, if their leader kills to rule and violates human rights as common as people drink water.

That is just the way things are and we have a new Grand Dictator. Magufuli, what would he do? Well, he would impose himself as a kingpin for yet another term. Peace.