Opinion: The NRM with another “Rerun”

The National Resistance Movement are launching their 2021-2026 Manifesto. In ordinary fashion they are trying to make a festive occasion and make it sound special. Though, their slogan and their ideas are all rehash of former ones. Even their priorities are rewritten 10 Point Programme to a new generation. Showing that the NRM haven’t fulfilled their mission or the ideas of the Bush-War of the 1980s and we are now in 2020.

That says how far-fetched any pledge, promise or manifesto from this party is. It is a meaningless document. Empty promises to sell dreams, which will only turn to nightmares. Unless, the State House and the President earns on it. It will not happen. That is why previous promised and pledges have been long forgotten and usually only repeated on the campaign trail. In such a manner, which the recycling is more steady than at a landfill.

Alas, the NRM will continue to do this. Instead of writing a certain way. They are speaking of prosperity. Like they are evangelicals coming with the prosperity gospel and their seeds for tithes to earn blessings for the future. The NRM is now sounding alike with their promises. While they are initially pledging the same as they did in the 10 Point Programme. This after being in-charge since 1986.

There are so many issues with governance, institutionalism and in-general the ruling regime should have fixed, but haven’t done it. Still, they are going out with the same sort of recycled ideas. The memo could have been written in Luweero Triangle and sent by bird. It is just rewriting to 2020 and not really much difference.

The 10 Point Programme was a smart move, but the NRM have not lived up to it. This is why they are re-issuing it and doing a rerun of it 2020. They are just continuing the old-school way and by default proving that they have no been successful in office.

The President and NRM have clearly failed when they are prioritising the same thing, as they did back then. Its a sign of weakness and fatigue in office. They have had the time to fix these issues, but clearly never cared or prioritised to do so. If they did… it wouldn’t be a need to have it in the manifesto, yet again.

That just shows what a utter failure the party and the President have been. When they are aiming for the same thing, again and again, but never able to succeed. Peace.

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