Tanzania: It wasn’t an election, but a heist

Incomplete results from Tanzania’s parliamentary election show that Tanzania’s ruling party has won 218 out of 220 parliamentary seats declared so far, according to the local press” (BBC News Africa, 30.10.2020).

The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) and incumbent President Joseph Magufuli have won with insane numbers. The CCM has done landslides in all areas. In such a manner it is only competing with similar numbers to the ones in Kigali and in Pyongyang. That must make the friends of the United Republic of Tanzania so proud.

We all can know that the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) and National Electoral Commission (NEC) have all worked in favour of the state. The same has the army and all other authorities. There was no other way to go, but they are not even hiding it.

Strongholds for the opposition have been depleted. Where incumbent MPs have lost. They are not even trying to conceal the rigging. It is not only taking control of the Parliament, but owning it by force. The open bazaar rigging is clear.

The CCM isn’t even trying to make it sensible. Only totally destroying the Chadema and ACT-Wazalendo. That they are doing by doing this. They are arresting, hurting and killing supporters of these parties.

This is a illegitimate election. Magufuli didn’t really win this. He has stuffed ballots, pre-ticked ballots and stopped observers from checking the polls stations across the Republic. Ensuring the rigging be done. There is no justification for this. Other than naked greed for power.

These results are so bonkers it is not even funny. It is the results that gets cheers from fellow dictators and tyrants. Magufuli will be in the same boat as Kim Jong-Un and Paul Kagame. Surely, Magufuli will be greeted and legitimized by them.

There will be no real open celebrations in the streets. There will be little joy and cheers for Magufuli. There will be ferried crowds and paid actors screaming love. However, the incumbent know he cheated and tricked himself into power. This isn’t a real victory, but a fake one.

The saga continues and the recklessness has no bound. That what greed and how power corrupts. I wouldn’t be shocked, if Magufuli get the Constitution changed before the next election to get a third term. When he can rig and cheat at an election at this level. He would surely not step down in honour and grace. The man will do what he can to die in power.

This is just a justification to continue his journey. Not to ensure the will of people or what they wanted of leadership. The CCM would get votes, but not at these levels. That is just the truth and the campaigns proved that the Chadema and ACT-Wazelendo was bigger then this.

The President will now live on a lie, the lie being his reign and his legitimacy to rule. His lying to himself, but also the whole electorate of the United Republic. Peace.

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