Ethiopia: 3 billion birr to be wasted on the ‘useless’ Ministry of Peace

On the 16th October 2018 the Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy established the Ministry of Peace and appointed Muferiat Kamil to be the Minister of it. The intention and the mandate is fine and dandy. Which was to sustain the reforms and perform peace-building measures within the Federal Republic. However, what has happened ever since has been less of peace.

The state has sent the army, the police and all its authorities to silence dissidents and all opposition. That is why the state has such a vast amount of political prisoners and arrests of activists across the Republic. The mass amounts of deaths in Amhara, Oromia and in Ogaden is all a result of the extra judicial killings supported by the Central Government.

The House of Federation haven’t tried to work in peace with the ones its representing. Neither is the Prime Minister working in the interests of dialogue. He first made peace with them, but later betrayed them all. By going even further than previous Prime Minister’s. That being arresting civilians, killing protesters and using COVID-19 as a reason to postpone elections.

This is why the government is illegitimate and unconstitutional for the very moment. They have an illegal 6th Year of the HoF. The Prosperity Party doesn’t have a mandate to be a legitimate government at the moment.

However, the PM and the PP act like they can do whatever and get away with it. It can order soldiers to the provinces, it can destroy villages, burn houses and use schools as prisons. That is what happening and is done at a grand scale.

The PM isn’t a man of peace. That was only done to make an impression internationally. However, at home is burning bridges. The PM is destroying families and misusing his power. A unelected man is acting as a emperor.

That is why he has established an Ministry, which is pointless. When there are gatherings of political prisoners. The main opposition is behind bars. The journalists and the activists daring to speak out. Will eventually get caught up with the law too. There is assassinations and arbitrary arrests.

If the government really worked for peace. It wouldn’t put shackles on their opposition and forge charges on them. If the government believed in the mandate of the Ministry of Peace. It wouldn’t use soldiers against peaceful civilians. All of that is a mockery of common sense.

The PM wants the praise and the glory. However, the true story is much more bleak than the stories the state is telling. The murders, the deaths and the ones lingering in the jails. Are not a sign of peace, but of war against their own. Instead of using your ears to listen to the ones oppressed. The state is using their mouth to be a voice-over the ones suffering. Not willing to listen, but instead screaming over the needs of the public.

The PM prefers shallow PR exercises that makes him look like a saint, while part of him is the angel of death. If he believed in peace and in dialogue. He wouldn’t act like this and accept the aggression against his own. However, that is what he does.

This is why the state is using 3 billion birrs this upcoming budget year on a wasted Ministry. It would be better to burn the bank-notes in front of the statute at Menelik II Square in Addis Ababa. At least it would give a little heat and make a spectacle. Because, at this very moment. Every coin is wasted and could have been used to help the general public.

Since, the Ministry of Peace is useless. It has nothing to give. When the PP and PM is using force against their own. There will be no peace, when you are ordering soldiers to peoples homes and villages. Peace.

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