Opinion: They will sell Museveni like his the Messiah!

It is about that time… the campaigns are starting and the official nomination day is just days ahead. The President is already verified and cleared to run for the Presidential Election in 2021. Even if the authorities are not revealing his credentials or his academic papers. That says a lot, as the same authorities will within days reveal all the paperwork for anyone else in existence. If it is petitioned for…

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will be traded like a commodity now. All of his supposed achievements and time in office will be praised. They will make a gig-song to him, which he has paid for and with the biggest stars they can get. Expect a flashy video and with the national flag and the yellow colour suits and dresses. That is what happens.

President Museveni will praised for creating peace, but nobody will speak of the cost of that. They will say he has built roads, but not how they financed it. Neither, will they speak of how privatization has destroyed the economy. How a little minority and small infringed elite who is associated with President. They will claim he has busted it into glory, because it was fucked after the bush-war, which is all natural. After a war, a nation is usually depleted and whoever takes over. Has a challenge to stabilize the economy and make it possible to run again.

The Presidency will say his a brilliant leader, a visionary and a revolutionary. They will use all sort of words to make him majestic. These people will target the NRA days and the FRONASA days. However, will not dive into the destruction from it and the deaths that came with the liberation. It will not take accountability of the wars caused in proxy. Neither, the assault on the liberty of the public and the freedom of the people to associate with whoever they please.

President Museveni will be said has only done good. They will claim that he has sacrificed so much to be there and get there. That he went into the civil war and battled the state to do it for everyone. However, the NRA Historicals are the ones eating of the plate. It is the inner-circle and the kitchen cabinet at the State House who gets all the benefits. While the rare civilian get good, unless they can be appointed used for a paradigm shift to be dropped in the next minute. That is what happens… again and again.

The NRM will come with all sort of nice wordings, articles and magazines to push the propaganda. Make him look like he died for the nation and rose on the third day, which just happens to be in January 1986 and never left the office. Never looking into the demise of so many people around him. Seeing how people suddenly dies or lingers in a uncertainty abyss. That will not be touched or questioned, because that destroys the Messiah Complex of Museveni.

They are working tirelessly to make him legendary. To make him into the novel idea of the father of the Republic. The Republic wouldn’t be what it is without his reign. The Pearl of Africa wouldn’t be what it is without his input and his wisdom. The visionary and revolutionary, who apparently have gone against all his ideals. If you read his old pieces and “What’s Africa’s Problems?” from the 90s. You know the Old Man with the Hat has betrayed all his ideals with the time.

These folks will never say that… they will say he still abide by this and works for it still. Even if its hypocrisy on another level. Still, they will claim otherwise and say his just doing it differently. How?

By using the means of a dictatorship in another way, than the previous dictatorship he toppled? If that is revolutionary, then people doesn’t want to follow that revolution. Since, they are only switching heads and what party on the top. Instead of whatever party or group the previous leader had. The new man, Museveni, which isn’t really that new… still wants to sell they salvaged the Republic and ushered in a new era. An era that is copying the ills of the previous one.

That is why he has to be a Messiah. He cannot just be a tyrant and a dictator. No, he has to be something great. Saving the nation and being the living legend. The one who make water to wine, making land grabbing into a industrial enterprise. That is who this man is. A man that speaks peace, but put the weapons into the hands of his allies. A man who speaks of wealth creation, but wouldn’t have funds if he wasn’t scheming funds from donors or international loans.

That is why they have to make him look special, unique and great. However, that will never be true. Even if they are trying the forge the same lie, over and over again. That is who he is and what he does. The NRM can try to debunk this, but that is why they are coming with glossy pictures, but never showing the potholes, the problematic drainage or the talk of steady outages of UMEME. Because, that never fits the narrative, unless Museveni calls out opposition as parasites. Which is such a prophetic stance of Pan-African leader to come with derogatory language all the time.

Nevertheless, the ones defending him will never look into that, but tell the opposition to be careful about their tone. While the man they praise call the others insects, who deserves to be brutally crushed. Because, that the words of a man of peace. Who are we kidding here?

Well, they can have their messiah and their cult. While people like me will call them out of it. They can try to sell him like his the greatest man alive. That is not true, but they still say so. Notwithstanding the track-record… and the archives of his actions. These we are supposed to forget on the altar of grandeur and revolutionary, which his supposed to still be. As his wealthier than anyone else and owns so many companies, estates and such. That he is so far from the ideals he has spoken at length for years. Peace.

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