Zimbabwe: SADC have become Mnangagwa’s tin-soldier!

Every regime, every junta need their buddies and allies. If not their work becomes so much harder. They need someone to play along and be useful for them. For President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) this is now Southern African Development Community (SADC).

At this point SADC is sounding like ZANU-PF themselves. There is little difference to the statement made by SADC and the ones coming from the Government of Zimbabwe. Neither, any difference really from what is made from the ZANU-PF either. Maybe, a little wording different and some way of articulating it. The ZANU-PF would be more rouge and rougher. However, their ideals and ethics are the same. In favour of the same government and their actions. Calling the International Community out and asking to end sanctions. That is not new, but has become a battle cry for the 2nd Republic.

A piece of the SADC Statement:

We applaud our Zimbabwean brothers and sisters who have shown great resilience, notwithstanding the damaging sanctions. It is commendable that Zimbabwe is now among the Top Five doing business reformers in Africa, and Top 20 improvers on ease of doing business score in the world, this is according to the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 publication. The region has also noted the Government’s efforts to compensate former commercial farmers Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe continues to implement economic reforms aiming to turn-around the economy. Reforms under the Transitional Stabilisation Programme are, gradually stabilizing the economy. The Public Order and Security Act, as well as the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act have been repealed, as part of ongoing legal reforms. Zimbabwe would have achieved more, if not constrained by the imposed sanctions” (Statement by the SADC Executive Secretary, Dr. Stergomena Lawrence Tax on October 25, the Anti-Sanctions Day – SADC calling for the lifting of all sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, 24.10.2020).

ZANU-PF should be super happy about that statement. Ahead of the SADC Day, which could become a holiday and a festive day for the ruling regime. They are pulling all the strings to make a fuzz. The junta want to show the cause is popular and have the people behind it. Even if that wouldn’t be true.

The ambassadors and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs have explained why the sanctions are put on Zimbabwe. The ZANU-PF will not listen and will not accept the accomplice to human rights violations, extra judicial killings and arbitrary arrests. Stifling the opposition and silencing the dissidents by any means. Even going in and trying to stop the biggest opposition party. Therefore, the ruling regime is giving all the reasons to continue being sanctioned.

The ZANU-PF and SADC is playing the game of “reforms”. But if reforms is throwing civilians, activists and opposition leaders behind bars. Then the Mnangagwa government have gotten far. If the rising inflations, hectic financial and economic policies. If Command Government policies is the thing. Then, the current government is killing it. However, that is not what the ones sanctioning is asking for.

ZANU-PF and SADC can act like this, but that doesn’t make their statement true. They can fool their own, but not the ones who is following the situation. As long as state of affairs is deteriorating and getting militarized. You know there is less hope of removing sanctions. However, the ones in power wants wealth, either by the hook or by the crook. They don’t care how they earn their fortunes, as long as they do so. The ruling regime have no trouble living lavish while the rest of the general suffers and cannot afford the basics. Peace.

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