Opinion: Buhari’s wasted moment

President Muhammadu Buhari had the opportunity to take charge, accountability and be responsible with his National Address on the 22nd October 2020. However, he wasted that moment. Instead, he went back to old means and tried to deflect the issues. Not even mentioning the massacre at Lekki Toll Bridge. Neither, any other extra judicial killing by the state forces.

The President of Nigeria could have addressed that, instead he wanted to speak about poverty alleviation and government projects to reduce poverty in the Republic. Buhari could have done that at any point of his time in office. He picked the moment when the people are crying out loud about the police brutality, misuse of force and death at the hands of soldiers. This being own citizens who are gunned down in cold blood.

Instead of addressing that. He decided to speak of unity and stopping poverty. Last time there was a few bad eggs in Law Enforcement. Now, there is “so-called protesters”. At some point, the President would be better if he was an Android or Jubril of Sudan. Because, this address and this speech isn’t showing any remorse or help to the people.

Buhari is only washing his hands and not taking accountability. There is no transparency from him. Only empty promises in anecdotes … like police reform and terminate SARS. Never saying how and what he will do. That is up for the IGP Adamu to fix and find ways to do.

The President could have used the time to heal the wounds and shown some humility. He didn’t do that and didn’t answer the pleas of the public. The President could have done this differently and proven his willingness to change the Police Force.

With this sort of leadership. It seems it is not willing to see its deficiencies and misgivings. That there are no reparations and answers to the soldiers who are acting as officers, judges and executioners. These are off the hook, while the citizens have to worry about the law enforcement coming their way.

The Law Enforcement should secure the public from criminals and unlawful injustice done towards them. Not be the ones who violate them and kills them. That is not their role and that is why #ENDSARS demonstrations are so important in itself. To stop this behaviour and these institutions should act this way. That is injustice and impunity towards their own. The authorities have neglected their role and their mandate by doing this.

The President should have addressed this, but instead he wanted to speak of praise of his work. He wanted to preach about what his government has done for the public. The President could have talked with sincerity and been brave to say that he failed. However, the President doesn’t have the character to do so.

Buhari wants to be the big-man no matter what. That is who he is and what he does. The President wasted his moment. He could have done something righteous, instead he missed the mark. Buhari could done a lot, but didn’t do it.

The Head of State have choices, but Buhari has chosen another path. Buhari doesn’t want to carry any weight, but want to skate it all off. That is not what the state needs, but maybe what he needs to sleep at night.

The ones dying in the streets against police brutality deserves better, but Buhari doesn’t know how to play that out apparently. Neither, serve the deceased any justice or remorse for their fall. Only self-praise his own achievements … which doesn’t make sense, but maybe to him. Peace.

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