Opinion: Museveni should use the “No Change” slogan

Don’t think elections are a mere joke” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (2011)

We know that National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni is preparing and starting his official campaigns. That is why the NRM and the President released their slogan for the 2021 campaign. The President will now sing the songs of “Securing Your Future”. Whatever that means …

Since last time around in 2016 he promised “Steady Progress” which haven’t been delivered. That is why the state is borrowing more and more funds. Is more and more in need of donor funds. The President and the ruling regime knows this, but downplays it. As they are needing funds to just to build and tarmac roads within towns across the Republic.

In 2011 he offered the “Pakalast” or “Until the End”, which was supposed to be a sign that he wanted to reign forever. Which have been proven ever since. There is no end to this rule. It doesn’t matter what happens. He will just reign forever. That is the true.

We could continue to go through the past and slogans. However, the proof is that the man has promised the same before. In 2006, the President came with the slogan of “Prosperity for All”. That is really what is happening in 2021. What he promised as he had his first Multi-Party Election in 2006. The same is being dropped now in 2020.

It is really unique that 15 years after he will promise a similar thing. Hoping people forgetting quick. The President should just go back to the first one he had. That would be sincere and honest. At some point, that should be tagged on his forehead.

The President should just use “No Change” which he used in 1996. When he had the 1996 Election and sort of had NRM Primaries to the National Level. The President and the NRM used scare tactics and blocking Dr. Paul Ssemogerere. Also, did everything he could to associate Ssemogerere with Obote to black-ball him.

However, we are in 2020 and not back-in-the-day. The President have been in power since 1986. It is 34 years in power. When the next term is over it would be 40 years as ruler. That says a lot. This is why we have so much information about what he has done and what he haven’t delivered. He has not delivered the 10 Point Programme. The President haven’t delivered what he has promised, again and again. Always needing more time and more “peace”. There is never enough peace and always a obstacle, which is the reason for non delivery.

That is why he again re-issue the 2006 slogan in 20201. This is promising the same thing as you did 15 years ago. You would think that you had actually made some “steady progress”, but that cannot be true. If it was so. He wouldn’t need to “secure your future”. However, the President needs to talk about the future, since part of him knows he is the past.

The President wants to be relevant. Nevertheless, if he wanted to be honest. He would run with 1996 slogan “No Change”. As that would be sincere campaigning. Since the NRM is delivering no change and no real development. As the government … have been in charge and haven’t done what it’s supposed to do.

Except that it has been a Limited Liability Company for the President and his closest associates for years. That they have succeeded in. However, they haven’t delivered on their promises, which is the reason for their reign. The 27 guns salute cannot save his legacy now. The lingering in power only proves that there will be “No Change” as long as he is in power. Peace.

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