Ironic that Museveni lectures about “gerrymandering”!

The additional new problem by elements of the elite is election rigging. Starting with 1961, for the elections organized by a British man known as Peagram, election rigging, designed to nullify the sovereignty of the People, was introduced. Initially, 1961 – 1989, it involved the following: • Gerrymandering constituencies by not following existing administrative boundaries (especially counties) and creating adhoc and planning-wise meaningless electoral areas designed to dilute the votes of the undesirable groups with the desirable groups” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 19.10.2020).

Since 1986 the rise of districts, counties and sub-counties have been enormous. The President and his party have frivolously done this. Just to put things into perspective here. There was 17 districts in the Republic at Independence in 1962. By the time of 1980 it was re-organized to 33 districts. In 1997 the adds-on had become 44 districts. In 2005 the state created even more and it was up to 78 districts. Within the 2016 election it was already 112 districts and before the 2021 elections it will be a total of 135 districts. That means the gerrymandering have been on overdrive.

In the same regard, because of this. The National Resistance Movement has extended and made massive amounts of Members of Parliament (MP). That is in connection with this gerrymandering and creating of new local government bodies. The numbers of districts is already foolish. While just the imagination of the amounts of counties and sub-counties. As these has been carved out of the newly minted districts before every single election.

With this in mind, the same government have made more MPs in the same fashion. That is why in 2006 it was 319 MPs by 2016 it had become 459 MPs and in 2021 it will become 536 MPs. This is created by same government and same ideology that could run a Republic with 38 members in 1989. That was a transitional government, but became permanent using their means to do what he says was done wrong in the past.

President Museveni needs to be called out by it. Who has used the office and the power to gerrymander the Republic. This has all been done in the service of the ruling regime. It is the sad reality.

The old man with the hat is blaming the previous government of an issue, which he has excelled in himself. If someone has gerrymandered the Republic. It is him. He has done in such a manner and extent. That soon every village has an MP and every bodega has Local Councillor. That is the mere reality of it all.

The National Resistance Movement has carved the Republic into so small constituencies and electorate in such a manner. That the Electoral Commission can also rig the numbers and amount of eligible voters in the new constituencies. This is created and done with such a ordinary fashion.

This is why his the wrong lecturing about this. The President should bow down in silence. Not lecture people on something he has done at such a degree and call it bad. Then his the biggest baddie it is.

It is like the drug addict telling people not to take drugs. Its unbelievable. It isn’t just hypocrisy, but also very ironic. His the “mastermind” behind this and this is his system. A rigid state system with bountiful amounts of districts and local governments.

With the knowledge of this. The man shouldn’t teach people a lesson on this. He is the sole definition of doing this. No one has done it like him. Peace.

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