Opinion: Museveni will only audit elections, which isn’t involving himself

As Chairman of the NRM, when I was informed of this criminality, I ordered a nationwide audit which has done a good job, for a start. Although the time was short, the audit will continue even after the nomination. Cheating is a crime. Even after you are nominated, you can be indicted in court. I am also auditing the auditors, just in case they are also compromised. All those who committed these crimes, will be held accountable. This is on the Party side” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 19.10.2020).

It is very clever to make it publicity that you want to audit and look into the electoral rigging and the questionable results in some of the races within the National Resistance Movement Primary Elections 2020. That President Museveni asks for this now a month after the NRM Primaries started and the nominations are delivered to the Electoral Commission. The President is deliberately inciting fear and also showing no remorse to the aspirants who misused their campaign and their means to get a good result.

President Museveni would never do this in a Presidential Election, which his own election would be “nullified” or be announced “null and void”. That will not happen, as long as his in power. He would never risk to be questioned or proven wrong. His the one that is righteous … and the only man with a vision. This is why he will not accept to be humiliated over an election.

Even if he uses the same tricks, as the ones his mentioning in the text released today:

Indeed, during the 1980 elections, one of the Parties was declaring that: “We shall win whether you vote for us or not”. How will you win, if we do not vote for you? The answer, was simple: “By cheating”” (Museveni, 19.10.2020).

The same is happening to this day. No matter what people are voting for, the winner will be Yoweri. That is the reality of it all. The same reasons he went to the bush. He is doing himself and with pride too. His winning, by attending and doing an election he has all the power over. The man appoints the Courts, appoint the ones running the elections and damn sure ensure the law enforcement has all the will to contain any sentiment, which isn’t his. That is why, he would never audit or jeopardize his elections. This will be predetermined by the President himself.

That is why we know he has the audacity to audit other elections, but the man would never do it to himself. That is because he believes his above the law and can do whatever he wants. The text he dropped himself today. Is filled with ironical anecdotes, which could easily be put on himself.

Therefore, this text is a lesson for society or a new Presidential Directive. It more of his self-imposed self. The arrogance and the self-destructive way that his going these days. At some points his saying the right things, but that doesn’t matter. When all of his actions are of the other demeanour. Peace.

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