Opinion: Ice Cube is swimming in muddy waters

The famous rapper, actor and activist O’Shea Jackson aka Ice Cube has gotten into a lot of hate and agony over his sudden work with the Trump Administration. Ice Cube shouldn’t be surprised as Easy E, another member of the N.W.A. was never forgiven just to attend a ceremony with his cap on back-in-the-day.

Ice Cube isn’t just attending a celebration or a ceremony at the Rose Garden. No, his negotiating and working behind the scenes. His getting promises for his Contract With Black America (CWBA) and incorporate that somehow with President Trump’s Platinum Plan.

If you feel like I am feeling. This all sound surreal. As President Trump is getting yet another ally by offering empty and shallow promises. Making way to use the detailed plans of Ice Cube and having someone to point at as reference. This is even more powerful, than the little meeting with Kanye at Trump Tower before the 2016 elections.

Knowing how passionate and hard-working Ice Cube is. He means this all well and have the best interests at heart. However, his working with the man who support violent militia’s, white supremacists, caging immigrant children, anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies. The Trump Administration is despicable and only using Cube for their self-interest in the final leg of the campaigns.

It is like the plan made by Ice Cube is good and is well credited. That is not my issue, neither is the heart behind doing so. Yes, the Democratic Party could have jumped on it. However, they didn’t want to obligate themselves early on. Which isn’t shocking, as the DNC is a corporate party as well. Therefore, they will not cause changes swiftly. So, it was wise of Ice Cube to negotiate with both parties.

Nevertheless, Ice Cube is working with the man who would easily go against the ones protesting for Black Lives Matter. Ice Cube is working with the man who has no issues making life worse for the inner-city communities, which is where African American are living in sub-standard housing. The same administration, who is kicking them out of Medicare, Medicaid and other programs like food-stamps. Therefore, I have hard time understanding his willingness to do this.

That is why Ice Cube is crushing himself and his reputation. Even with all the goodwill of the plan. I don’t doubt a second the intentions and the will of Ice Cube. However, when you start politicking like this. You will either win or loose. At this point, the Trump administration can promise they will do something, but most likely the least costly reforms. Which is why there will not be significant changes. That is the whole idea behind plan of Cube in the first place.

Ice Cube is being used. He maybe not see it himself. His trying to make a difference. However, the Republicans and Trump only needs him for positive headlines. They will not change a lot, because that interferes with the majority of the supporters of this administration. Why should they give way, when its a KKK, Proud Boys and Alt-Right Juggernauts are all clinging to this Presidency.

It is like AmeriKKKas Most Wanted doesn’t get it. Maybe, it’s his Death Certificate. What it really is a loss for Ice Cube. He is disrespecting his own legacy more than he did to others on “No Vaseline”.

That’s the tragedy here is that Ice Cube is trying to do well, but working with the ones who is only using him. With time he will get it, but for now his steam-rolling ahead. Peace.

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