Opinion: NRM’s Military Fatigues

Yesterday, the spokesperson for the army said the reason for the raid of the National Unity Platform Offices in Kamwokya was because of the red berets and their “military fatigues”. However, that is all ironic, as the ruling regime uses it when it deems it fit.

One of the Presidential Advisor Full Figure is posing around in military inspired clothes like she’s at a party of the YMCA in the 1970s. While that is not causing a fuzz or an issue. Nevertheless, the NUP and Bobi Wine get into a lot of trouble for having their own ways.

The NUP and Bobi Wine is not only into issues over the red berets, that has already been gazetted. The attires with stars and such, which resembles military fatigues has also hit a nerve. These are all excuses. And show how one standard is put on the opposition, but no retribution towards the ruling regime.

National Resistance Movement (NRM) have had yearly trainings at NALI or Kyankwanzi, where they have all been in green military fatigues. Heck, the President have used it in a budget speech and elsewhere. The NRM can use it whenever they deem fit. They can use it to promote themselves and their power.

We know the NRM is filled with a chosen few bushmen, who is proud of their achievements and feel above the crowds because of it. “They fought”, therefore, you got to serve me now. That sort of attitude. Where can boost their titles, their ranks and use the military to their convenience. Even when they have retired long time ago.

That is just the double standard, as the NUP should be 100% civilian and not even make their own. It is not like the UPDF and the NRM invented the berets. They have taken them from army history and “made it” their own. Now, they are causing a fuzz over a colour. Which just show how little they think of themselves.

The NRM is clearly allowed to not only use military fatigues, whenever they deem it fit. They can go all out. They can travers with the military, use the fatigues, carry the guns and tote all around town. While the NUP cannot even have resembling headgear. That shows how little faith the NRM have in humanity.

This is indecency and insincerity at its best. The sort of low blow, no show, nonsense, which is deliberately done, again and again. A sort of play that has been done all before. This isn’t a new, but the same-old same old story.

The President and his team might think this is a winning formula. However, this is just undeniably showing his ignorance and his blatant use of force. That is all he got, because he got less and less love with the ages. Therefore, he clings to the army like its his saviour, which it paradoxically is. Peace.

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