Opinion: Museveni have delivered a false liberation

President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni own story is that he liberated the Republic on the 26th January 1986. However, day-by-day, that story is altered. He came into power with a lot of power and promise. Nevertheless, that wasn’t to be fulfilled.

President Museveni came in with the promise of changing the Republic. Where he would make a difference. So, that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) would differ from previous Presidents. That he would free the citizens and give them a prosperous liberation for the Republic.

The state has been carved into small constituencies, a rotten judicial system and corrupt elite. An elite filled with cronies and family members of the President. All gathered in looting the state and using force against the ones who stands up to them.

The President came in with a promise of another state of affairs. Alas, he is delivering the same as his predecessors. There is little to no difference between them. The NRM is acting like the previous ones did. Using the military as their own political proxy. Making laws to silence dissidents and keeping colonial laws active to subdue the public. Therefore, the Lords now are no different than the ones in the past.

The President has the same tribalism in the army as the past. Instead of being high-ranking officials from the Northern tribes, it is now mostly Western. The ruling elite is also Western. The development is mostly in the Western region too. The state is focused on the Ankole and the where the Bush War Historicals resides. They are all upper-echelon.

People are arrested over their association, by trying to gather and being active with opposition parties. The state using violence to dissolve and intimidate the opposition. They are sending soldiers, agents and police officers after them. Using safe-houses to hide them away so they don’t have to follow the Constitutional rights of the person detained. This is what they do and what sort of freedom the state is giving.

The President is saying he brought liberty, peace and democracy. However, how free are you? If you stand against him, you can either become dead, arrested or tear-gassed? That isn’t freedom or justice. That is a limited freedom, which requires you to obey his rule. Not think of your own and being told where to go. That is the liberty this Presidency is giving.

That is why, the liberation promised with the deadly bush-war in the 1980s was wasted. The President has become everything he fought. He is using the same means, the same mannerisms and misuse of power, as the ones he liberated the public from. That is the reality in 2020.

A man who went to war over rigged elections. Has rigged them all since 1996 and plans to rig the 2021 too. That is the sort of man he has become and is. A man who knows the right things, but cannot act upon it. He has said all of the right things, but his henchmen is doing the wrong. They are most likely following his orders. While his spewing hypocritical dogmas to the citizens through speeches and national addresses.

The man will continue to promise wealth and a brighter future. Alas, he has said it all before and its a repetition. It is recycling and things that could just be binned. The President will continue the same sort of dream. The dream that he made into a nightmare. A system he has created, a violent regime with the same issues as the ones he liberated the public from.

The only difference is that his on the top now. This time its not Obote or Amin, but its all Museveni. The President knows this… he came with a false promise and now the whole Republic is living under it. Peace.

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