Ethiopia: Temesgen arrested for exposing Mayor Abiebie 40 million birr scandal..

Today, the editor and journalist of Filith Political Magazine, Temesgen Desalegn and a colleague was arrested at his offices. There is a very simple explanation for his arrest today. The editor and journalist has exposed something the authorities and the ruling regime didn’t want out.

Journalist Temesgen wrote a story involving Addis Abeba Mayor Adanech Abiebie. Who suddenly got 40 million birr by former Attorney General Berhanu Tsegaye. Because the journalist published a story, where the solicited funds was questioned and therefore, this was already in he search warrant for the journalist.

There must be something shady with the story. As the authorities came knocking to the doors and the office of the journalist. The journalist must have found some insights and truths, which the Ambassador to Djibouti Tsegaye and Mayor Abiebie doesn’t want out. They have deliberately gone after him for publishing it. To stop the story from further escalating.

However, because the authorities did this. There will be more digging into. Since, the public want to wonder why he got arrested for publishing it. What is the Mayor and Ambassador hiding? Why did the money switch hands? Why did the mayor get this bonus or this kick-back? What was offered and for what reasons?

It is just foolish to arrest Temesgen over this. They are just validating the truth behind his piece. This is also taking the freedom of expression and liberty to publish whatever you feel like. Since, the police are behind the arrest. They made the warrants and wants to silence a man who unleashed the truth.

There is plenty of political prisoners all across the Federal Republic these days. That is the reality. Temesgen is just one of thousands. Therefore, he is just a proof of a rotten system going after their own. The Prosperity Party doesn’t need enemies abroad, they create enough at home. This because, anyone who dissent from them will be punished.

Now, Temesgen is behind bars. Just because he exposed the truth. A truth that was to much for the mayor and the ambassador. Peace.

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