Opinion: If Museveni could he would relaunch the Movement System

President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Musveni never wanted the Multi-Party Elections and a Multi-Party System. The President would have preferred that everyone was under the Movement System. Where everyone is sensitised and getting their patriotic teaching through the party. The Movement would take care of you and ensure your on the right track.

That is what President Museveni really wants. He would like to swallow everyone and have them all under his banner. This is why there was a Referendum in 2000 and again in 2005. Therefore, the first Multi-Party Election was in 2006. That gave the National Resistance Movement (NRM) the advantages ahead of it, as they had total control since 1986. That is 20 years of solid foundation and having appointed people where they needed.

The Movement System was already embedded, it was even a part of the 1995 Constitution. The state was fixed with Resistance Councils, which initially was Local Councils and Local Government. It is from there the state was controlled and how the supposed NRM became a “mass party”. That’s because it had the power in every aspect and kept siege over the seats from the bottom to the top. A fancy way of being a “one-party state”. 

That is why all parties that has challenged the President gotten into double jeopardy. The armed forces, the police force and everything else has been thrown at them. If this was Paul Ssemogerere, Kizza Besigye and now Robert Kyagulanyi. Everyone is feeling the blunt force and the retribution for challenging him.

In 2020 and 2021, we are repeating history yet again. The same forces are at use and the same means are taken against the opposition. The same is on the throne and he is not giving way. The President will use all means to stay there. Everything will go against the ones who goes against him. Either by the hook or by the crook. Nothing matters, as long as the ones challenging him is humiliated and hurt. They should go to him and kiss the ring.

President Museveni wants everyone under his wings. The man wants everyone to be on his beacon-call. The President wants to annihilate the opposition and get rid of all dissidents. He doesn’t want them, but got too. Just so he can score some brownie points and claim he brought democracy. Even, when it is not that deep, but only in the name.

If the President had his will. There wouldn’t be no Multi-Party Elections and be other parties than the Movement in the Republic. Because, everyone is supposed to follow him anyway. They are all wrong and deluded to stand up against him. These folks needs re-education and debriefed to understand the grandeur of the Movement. This is how it seems…

President Museveni wants to be the sole answer, the only leader and the kingpin. Museveni wants to be solution and have the automatically mandate to reign supreme. This is who he is. A President who only made it happen, because he was pushed and public wanted it.

The President would prefer to not only have the army, but have the whole public naturally assigned to the Movement. Without question and have them as “members” of his party. This is the sort of character he is. That is why nobody should challenge him, but people should just obey him. Peace.

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