Opinion: After the 27 guns his past became a mystery…

It is made like this for a reason. A man who has run a nation for 34 years and is a self-styled President for Life. That his willing to hide and bluntly classify his past. This being President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni.

He has added another name, the President has added before the election before the Kaguta name. This time it was Tibuharburwa. However, his credentials and his academic documents is still under seal somewhere. If not it was burned in a fire, dodges in the midst of the bush-war or if not erased after he got into office.

The President might have erased the documents from the time he was a civil servant. The time he was in school in Ntare and so fourth. Because, he deleted and erased it. He could make up his own story. Make it into a myth. The story of a living legend. The President wants grandeur … and become legendary.

After the bush-war and the National Resistance Army (NRA) war against Obote and the others. The President sealed his fate and had to rewrite his life. So, that he could fit the paradigm of a Ugandan peasant turned into Head of State.

That is why he has added the name of the stepfather, Kaguta. Now, he has added the nickname he got from one of his grandmothers, Tibuhaburwa. It is all to play part of the fiction of his story. To ensure he can rewrite and make his life more interesting.

The President needs to do this, as he cannot unleash his documents. Then he would show a story, which he doesn’t want to tell. Maybe he learned this as a bureaucrat in the Research Bureau back-in-the-day.

As he knows, the story is more important than the truth. His been able to sell lies for years. The President hope he can do this again. The pieces he has given haven’t been coherent. It is all a fun tale of stories. The times and times of drops, it doesn’t make sense and he makes it seems so special. Alas, the stories from the people around sounds differently.

After the 27 guns, the man has changed and altered his story. This has all been a ploy with some sort of angle every single time. The action made in 2020 is for a reason too. His been pushed, but still haven’t delivered.

There must be a reason why its like this. The mustard seed isn’t growing and reaping good harvest. The President need more than a 10 pointer. The man needs to address it and heads on. He needs to reveal and put forward the truth.

It is like he has lived on a lie, thought he could get away it and not be undressed with time. The President thought he could dodge this.

Museveni have a story to tell, another one than the ones he did in the past. It is time for the real and not the propaganda. The man got to talk and be sincere. Not being a rich fresher affording a farm, which was new to him in the 1990s. Because, he wasn’t a fresher at the University in the 1990s, but he got into power in 1986.

So, the story there doesn’t make sense. This is why the old man with the hat got to stop lying and speak the truth. The President need to set the record straight. He might think its not important, but if he wants a proper legacy. It is needed, unless he wants lie until his six-feet under. Peace.

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