#ENDSARS: Buhari and Osinbajo better step up and reform the Police Force

President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo got their work cut of for them. They cannot lay low and act a fool this time around. These people in power cannot blame international involvement or go away for months to the Abuja House in London.

This time they got to write Executive Orders. They got to make policy changes and they have to reform the Police. The Police Brutality have to stop. The Special Anti-Robbing Squad (SARS) is just a reflection of that. Yes, the IGP Mohammed Adamu released a press release stating he was “redeploying” and “disbanding” the SARS. However, that just seems like the authorities are buying time.

The President Buhari and VP Osinbajo needs to put their work in. The Representatives and the public officials needs to do something. As this has been going on for years. This isn’t the first time SARS been dissolved. The SARS have been split up before and promise of reforms of it. Therefore, the idea of dissolving it today. Seems untrue, as the authorities have kept it alive before.

That is why the highest ranking officials, the head of state and his “deputy” got to step-up their game. They cannot just be in the wind and let the Law Enforcement deal with it. That will not be trustworthy. Not, when the Police have just promised to do it, but kept the squad alive.

The IGP have to prove that he does changes. A Press Release is limiting it and has been used before. That haven’t changed the police brutality and the excessive use of force against the public. The behaviour shown by the Police got to change. Not just move a bunch of officers and maybe even rename a squad. The epic trouble is still there and haunt the organization.

The Police needs to reform. The SARS is the body that is known for doing the bestialities with their mandate. SARS cannot be sustained or moved. They got to be abolished, but also the whole Law Enforcement, which have been fine with it. This is why, until the outcry. They were prolonging the agony and despair.

There is no easy way out of this. The Police and the Government have to work this one out. It will cost and will be open a basket of trouble. There will be cases, stories and alleged actions made, which needs to be addressed. Where lives of civilians and citizens have gotten hurt, suffered and been arbitrary arrested. They have even taken the laws into their own hands. Where the SARS have been the judge and the hangman. This got to stop, especially if the Republic believes in rule of law. And if the Head of State believes that everyone is equal before the law.

Alas, there is a dire need for change. There is to much pain and suffering in the hands of SARS. That cannot be forgotten and put to the side. The authorities, the elected leaders and the law enforcement. Need all to fix this and do it swiftly. They cannot just do some minor publicity stunts.

That will not bring back hope or trust in the Police. This is what is needed. The President and VP needs to step their game-up. These two got no time to do it. The patient of the public is over. The IGP cannot change the name or move the officers. The state have to do something real about it. Even propose a commission to look into the grievances and the pain, which it has done to the greater public. That is, if there is some justice to the citizens who gotten put into the crossfire by the SARS. Peace.

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