Opinion: Museveni has added an T!

It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”W.C. Fields

On the 6th October 2020 the President has gotten his name gazetted. The change is with one name middle-name. His not officially Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, but is from now on Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni. This is a vital change, because the President needs to soon drop his academic credentials. These has to be altered and fixed. Therefore, the change of name is maybe his way of showing that he is “consistent” with his story. However, the man has changed back-and-fourth.

The newly added name is Tibuhaburwa, which means “Wisdom is inherent, born with” and was given to him by his grandmother Nyinancwende. That is a name he used in the past. This is maybe why he has re-issued it. As his name has to resonate with his credentials. Even if they are not released. Before, the President have ensured it fits his narrative.

So, the President have taken a nickname and made it his own. There is already speculation that his name before he became a rebel was Yoseri, but also Yoweri Kayibanda aka Rutabasirwa. Therefore, adding the Tibuhaburwa is more of a recognition of the part of his life his tried to hide.

The President for Life is really cornered, as the authorities are not delivering petitions of his academic credentials and the proof of eligibility as a Presidential Candidate. Which the authorities has no issues with doing with the other candidates.

That is why the changes of name now seems like a ploy to fit the paper-trail, which suddenly might be released. The sort of action made to validate and fit in with the paperwork. The paperwork that seems to never to be released.

It is sort of odd that he does it now. That the President changes his name 34 years into power. In the middle of the early campaigns for the 2021 elections. This shows that the challenge is bigger than before. That he has to answer the opposition in a fashion like this. It is done to prove himself.

However, adding a nickname is not the real him. He has added a nickname his grandmother gave him. A way of showing his greatness, as the meaning is so deep.

He is the Commander-in-Chief, the King of Kings and now born with Wisdom. The President wants to be everything.

Nevertheless, changing the name now. Only make him Mr. T, as a mockery like Bosco, Jajja and Mr. Sunday.

With the action made by the President. He only shows that he hasn’t been truthful about his origin and his family history. As he has to peel the onion, piece by piece. He needs to be challenged and put into a corner. So, that he cannot keep it a secret.

There been speculations going on for years. With this sort of change. It is verified that people are right and its righteous to question him. As he takes the name his grandmother gave him. What else has he hidden? What other skeletons does he has in his closet?

We don’t know, but at some point. He has to give way and give in. Peace.

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