Opinion: Sorry POA, but your not cutting it…

It is official, the Presidential Flag-Bearer of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is the Party President, Patrick Amuriat Oboi (POA). I have nothing against the man. He can stand on his own and on his own merit. However, the harsh reality needs to be told.

POA cannot galvanize or energize the masses. The man isn’t that great. The FDC has the wrong sort of Presidential Flag-Bearer now. Yes, the FDC has now another leader and candidate than Besigye. That shows the party is mature and isn’t a sole candidate enterprise. Which is all good in itself. However, that is not enough at this point.

POA has less of a presence than what Amama Mbabazi had before the 2016 elections. This man is as inspiring as a serious Elton Joseph Mabirizi. One that should feel hurt and feel betrayed is Mugisha Muntu. Who had to leave the party and create his own to do this. If Mugisha just had waited a few months. He could have run as a Presidential Contender in a party he has invested so much time in. Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) has actually a better Flag-Bearer, than the FDC. Who knew that would be the deal in 2020?

The FDC sending and nominating Amuriat Oboi is a sign of weakness. A sign that the FDC is now internally locked and not looking out for a broader candidate for the highest office. Yes, the FDC is free to pick whoever they deem fit. To go after Dr. Kizza Besigye will trying for anyone. POA has to achieve the likeability and popularity of the stratosphere. That is something he will never reach. Yes, he was able beat Muntu and Birigwa, but be up against the other Flag-Bearers. I doubt he has the character to do so.

Seemingly, POA doesn’t have the flair, the flex or the public persona, which is needed to get there. Unless, he wants to be the educated guess like Professor Venansius Baryamureeba, but with defiance in his veins.

POA really have to prove his worth. The man has to walk to the mountains and get Ten Commandments before returning back to the public. The FDC needs to reassure, needs to back him, but also build him as public figure. Because, the man has the ability to bottle it or make things worse. POA can be self-inflicting pain, instead of boosting confidence.

This is why this is a loosing game. POA now has to battle Muntu again. To prove his worth not only against him, but Museveni and Bobi Wine. The FDC Flag-Bearer now has to rise to the occasion and prove his worth. I doubt he has it in him. He has to create a trustworthy character and be sell-able across the vast public. In a manner, which this man never been sold. People have to buy his ideas and believe that he can carry it.

POA doesn’t ooze greatness. That is not his fault, but his handling of things post-Muntu haven’t been great. Neither, has the party made him look to great either. That is because of the deflections and the struggles to find a space post-Besigye too. This seems to make it harder for POA.

POA needs to navigate the folks following Besigye and the ones following the party. The FDC needs to make more than Facebook posts and posters. They need to re-think his methods and his mannerisms. POA might mean well and has honest intentions behind his drive as a Party President. However, it isn’t always coming across.

He needs a team behind him. The FDC needs to rejuvenate Amuriat Oboi candidacy, unless they want him to fall flat. I don’t see him as big-man or viable Flag-Bearer outside the internal party of the FDC. That is just what I see, but maybe others has another perspective.

Wish him well, but his road ahead is not easy. POA will struggle and feel the struggle. Just like has done as Party President. The FDC knows this and has to support him now. Also, make him viable and accessible outside the FDC. That is the first component the party has to fix and then make him ooze confidence with a plan for a peaceful transition of power. Peace.

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