Opinion: There is always a Kawempe North…

In every election and poll… there is one office or one place… where there are two many running who is eligible. Before the 2021 elections in Kawempe North in Kampala. For some reasons there are many bickering not only about being the National Unity Platform (NUP) Member of Parliament (MP) Flag-Bearer. If they don’t they are running as Independents.

This is happening after the NUP has made Muhammad Ssegirinya their flag-bearer. The man will contest against two other candidates who fell out. Also, the former NUP Lord Mayoral Aspirant and incumbent Latif Ssebagala.

Therefore, the Councillor turned aspirant for MP will meet a very contested field of candidates. Plenty who was already in the race inside the NUP. However, the ones losing there is going in as independents.

There will be other aspiring MPs as well, as Prof Robinah K. Nanyunja of the Ecological Party of Uganda for instance too. Who even been endorsed by the Indian Green Pary in early September 2020.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) aspirant is John Fischer Kasenge. Who has worked as a Commissioner in the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) and also the former Residential District Commander (RDC) in Mukono. So, he will run against a team of former NUP candidates. As they are running as Independents.

This is the sort of race. Where sort of disgruntled aspirants destroys the chances for the one the party wants to win. The incumbent could have run against Lukwago, but instead ditches his loyalty to the NUP as well. EPU and NRM will meet all of these. The NRM usually doesn’t have a chance in KaLawempe North. However, with the bickering and the nail-biting between them. This will only destroy the race within the opposition.

Ssegirinya have a battle ahead. It would have been less if Ssebagala hadn’t gone in. As he is the incumbent. Nevertheless, there is other disgruntled NUP aspirants who is also running against him too.

This is why there is always a Kawempe North. A place where the same party has several of viable candidates, but there can only be one winner. As long as there is competitive politics. There will be races like these. Where some has to fall out and others has to cry foul.

In the end… there will only be one winner.

Kawempe North is an opposition stronghold … that is why Ssebagala have had several terms as an MP. Somewhere is a place where the NRM has a dozens of candidates for MP and they will run as Independents. The same can be with the other parties too.

That is why there will always be a Kawempe North. Peace.

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