Opinion: Museveni wants to be a legend

There are so many things unanswered with this man. A man who has ruled supreme since 1986. For some reasons, there are plenty of things who are hidden and kept away. Which makes people speculate and question.

The man I am questioning is President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. There must be a reason why his academic credentials isn’t released and why his other certificates are released for the grander public. As he should be able to prove what any other bloke or person has to do. If they want to run for office. He might think his special, but laws are made for everyone, which means they are valid for him as well.

I think that President Museveni wants to a be a legend. He wants to have a cult and myth around his origins. The man wants to make it special and be like the Gods. That is why his the King of Kings (Ssabagabe) of the Nkore or Ankole Kingdom.

It is a ego thing. Not that its strange he has an ego. This is why he went to war and claimed all the ill things about the 1980 election. Why he petitioned the polls and went to the bush. Because, he believed he was the only man with a vision. That he was so special and unique. He was the most brilliant and had the character to reign supreme.

In the same regard, he wants his roots to grand. The man wants to be from the best and make it look like that. Even if that isn’t true. He wants to be legendary. The President wants the public to know. That his majestic, the greatest and the father of the nation. Even when that isn’t the case.

Why do I say all of that? Well, it seems like he has made himself a moniker or a nickname like artists do. The paperwork that is in public has stated that he has other names than Museveni. Which means “Son of a man of the Seventh”. He took the middle name from his step-father Amos Kaguta. Therefore, his original names are vastly different and not as mystical.

Before he was Museveni he was Yoseri. To be more precise he was Yoseri Tubuhaburwa. Other names he has had was Yoweri Kayibanda aka Rutabasirwa. So, none of these names are as rare as Museveni.

The name change in combination with the change of birthdates and birthplace. Proves even more how he wants to be a legend. A man that cannot be traced and can re-create his origin. A man who can become whatever he feels like and entertain various of stories of his life. With that sort of play, he can be a king, instead of being a immigrant and a peasant. The man who came from poverty, became a man of Uganda Research Bureau, went to war and never returned.

That’s why his ego is like this. He wants to be extraordinary and exceptional. The President cannot be like a commoner. The man got to be out of the ordinary.

He can act like he is all of that, but that doesn’t make it more true. Just like he wants to be the King of Kings. The man above and the “high above”. The only man with a vision, which isn’t true either.

The delusion is real. The reality can hit someone right in the face. However, this man has been allowed to build this character and this life history. Even if there are no solid facts or truths to it. That is why his the son of seventh, instead of a Kayibanda. Maybe, he feels more significant with the name Museveni.

Still, the truth will come out one day. These sort of metamorphosis doesn’t last forever. Peace.

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