Tanzania: NEC suspends Lissu’s campaign for 7 days…

Today, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) have ordered in absentia, that CHADEMA and their Presidential Candidate Tundu Lissu is banned from campaigning for a week. This is happening after Inspector General of Police (IGP) Simon Serro warned him and issued a summons of him after rallies days before.

This here in clear intimidation and proves that all authorities in the nation is intertwined together with the ruling party, Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM). All of this just proves that the CCM isn’t doing anyone favours. Only there to install the same master and same regime after the polls.

That is why the CHADEMA is under fire for doing its duty as opposition. They are just campaigning like the opposition should. Tundu Lissu’s sins are that he has insulted the inteligence of Magufuli and his administration.

We know that CCM and President Joseph Magufuli wouldn’t do this, if they didn’t fear Lissu. They wouldn’t do this, if they didn’t feel threaten. The authorities are only doing this to give the President an advantage. Mere weeks before the polls. The polls are on the 28th October 2020.

CHADEMA and ACT-Wazelendo have both been under-fire … candidates disbarred and not eligible to stand. This has happen on a grand scale within these elections. From the same sort of body like the NEC and ZEC. These has closed the doors and dropped the keys. While the CCM can field whoever and its dandy.

What is really striking is that Lissu giving such a headache for the authorities. That they got to stifle his attempts to campaign and actually reach voters. This shows that the CCM doesn’t have a viable campaign or manifesto to stand up to the likes of Lissu.

We can anticipate more like this. Because, the State and the President will use all of its tools in their shed. Just so they put the nail in the coffin … put it six feet under and forget the body. That is how they are and how they operate.

Lissu will get into more trouble before the polls. This is just the beginning. The state will use all their means. CHADEMA and his allies will be in the spotlight too.

CCM will have a field day. Use all legislation and law enforcement to silence and stop him from campaigning. If Lissu tries, he will be behind bars and get into legal jeopardy. That is how the CCM and the likes operate. Because… Lissu is a threat.

If they didn’t fear the man, the NEC and IGP wouldn’t be on his tail. The CCM cannot contain the likes of Lissu. They are trying… but will not succeed. At some point the house will not hold. CCM and Magufuli might “win”, but that is after a rigged election.

It seems like they cannot win a fair fight. Therefore, they have to tie the arms and feet so the opposition cannot move. Peace.


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