Opinion: Rwabwogo isn’t wrong… [about the NRM and Museveni]

The NRM party that I identify with, we are most likely building democracy around an individual. If you remove Museveni, NRM party will struggle”Sylvia Rwabwogo (Anthony Wesaka . ‘NRM party will struggle without Museveni, says MP Rwabwogo’ 30.09.2020).

That the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are interconnected has been from the start. Just like the Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) was tied with Museveni. The NRM is the same…

There would be no NRM, if there was no Museveni and vice-versa. They are both connected. We all know this. The National Resistance Movement is his child, the political party made out of the National Resistance Army (NRA). This is all well-known.

The whole party is built around and his vision. The NRM is Museveni and Museveni is NRM. We are many who has said that. They are calling it a mass-party, the party of the public, but there is lack of membership cards and it’s just supposed to be all citizens are naturally members of the party. There is also this idea that you can scratch away the citizens who are members of opposition parties and equate the rest as NRM members. That shows how they are making the citizens members of the party.

Museveni has made it like this. That has been his idea. It is historical for him, as he ushered in the Movement System and reluctantly rectified the Multi-Party Democracy. Because, the NRM as it came into power. It wanted everyone to be under their organization and keep it under one house.

That was all part of Museveni’s vision. The NRM will loose steam the moment Museveni is gone. Just like Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) have lost their fire after the loss of Dr. Milton Obote. The same will happen to the NRM.

When your not building institutions, but is building on one personality. Than, you will loose it all when that personality is gone. The NRM will fade when Museveni goes. This is because it was all him.

Some will say this is hogwash, but we all know the gist. The NRM will start to battle over the throne. The NRM will face struggles and the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) will fight for the Presidency. There will be fraction and the sides will take their turns. These will not easily give way, as the man who steered the ship has already left the party.

Museveni is the reason why people are there. He is making sure all of the people are eating out his hand and his feeding them. Museveni is the man, the legend and the hero of the party. The one everyone looks up to and praise. The President knows this and that is why his the sole candidate. The same are plenty of his loyal allies. They are supposed to be automatically supported, because he vouch for them.

This is why the NRM will loose its importance and vitality. The party will not be itself without its founder and visionary. Museveni is the foundation and when they take away that stone. It is bound to fail. It will be bickering and internal squabble, which will cost.

They will not be as strong, as the centre is lost. The one place to always pin and secure the party will not be there.

It was good to hear this from someone from the inside. As it validates what we critics been saying for years.

The day Museveni is gone, the day his not there, the NRM might be history. If not the NRM might end up as powerful and respected as UPC. That wouldn’t be shocking. When you build a party around one man. You can loose it all, when the one man isn’t there. This is why, good governance is to build institutions with procedures and not just follow one man blindly like the NRM has does. Peace.

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