Opinion: Isn’t the 10th October 2020 – PP and Abiy’s due date?

The Prosperity Party (PP) and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali are soon living on borrowed time. The government, the House of Federation (HoF) and the House of People’s Representatives are running out of time. This term for their mandate to be representatives of the people ends on the 10th October 2020.

While that is happening, the Federal Government is working on overtime to dismiss the Tigray Election, which happened earlier in September. Ironically, the only election that was held within the time-frame of the Constitution. The ones the HoF and the Prime Minister is supposed to uphold.

The Ethiopian Government have already postponed the election twice this year. There was supposed to be an election on the 29th August 2020. This was already postponed in April 2020 this year. There is now a scheduled election to instead happening during the month of February 2021. That is several of months on overtime. Then the Representatives and the Government is practically working without a mandate. That ceased to be active on the 10th October 2020. This is why the state should have gone forward with an election this September to ensure the Republic with a legitimate government.

Instead, the House of Federation have suspended the elections and the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) have followed suit too. The HoF called the Tigray Elections unconstitutional and deemed them “null and void”. While, themselves are soon illegitimate, because they didn’t hold an election in time. That is how ironies and hypocrisy bites you in the ass.

Prime Minister Abiy isn’t only a false prophet, a fake Messiah, but he wants to rule illegitimate for months too. That is why he first made statements for peace, but has sent his soldiers to violate civilians. He has negotiated with the opposition, given them a hand and applauded them. For later ensure their arrests, forged charges and called them terrorist. The man has made fake coup d’etat’s and consolidated power. This man is postponing elections to favour himself.

Abiy was never elected, he was selected by a internal coalition, which has made into one and into his vision. So, that the Prime Minister has control and wants to seal the deal of the opposition. This is all for him to get the glory. He enjoyed the Peace Price and the Award Ceremony. The man basked in glory and international credibility. However, the same man will not take accountability for the violence, the conflict and misuse of power.

That is why he has no trouble reigning a illegitimate government. As he himself isn’t a elected leader. He should have fixed this already. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have given him a lesson. A lesson his not accepting, as his ego and he accepts to be unconstitutional. While claiming the counterpart is the same. Ironies again, the TPLF and the Regional Government did what the Constitution stipulates.

It is really a weird time we are living in. Where people are dying on the account of people who are claimed to be men of peace. In a state, where the supposed reforms are supposed to benefit the public, but instead benefits a small minority and their allies in power. That is why the Prime Minister and his party is scheming to ensure total control.

He does this, by circumventing the laws and misusing his office. The type of action this man has no issues with pursuing. Abiy and his government shouldn’t prolong the agony. It will just cause a charade of a election. The HoF quests in the next few months will be questioned, as their mandate is already terminated. They have lingered in power and not fixed the technicalities. While the opposition lingers in jail. That is the state of affairs.

Who knew that Abiy would betray the state and do it all for his own selfish interests? This isn’t reforming the state for the betterment of the public. Ensuring that regions are burning, their leaders are behind bars and cracking a rigged election next year. That is only showing how he wants to be King, but has no throne to reign from. This is why he has to assault it, destroy it and bash in the glory of the bloodshed he causes. He will pin the blame on the victims like a real tyrant does…

So, now his banging on his own deadline, as the mandate ceases within a few days. About 10 days to be exact and by what I reckon. There will be no election to re-elect or get people voted in as Representatives in time. Which by all means that the Federal Government, the ones Representing and the Cabinet itself is all illegitimate.

That is the status quo in a few days and it has been a deliberate act by the ones in power. Abiy and his cronies have all done this. They have made it all happen and are no in-effect illegally occupying their offices. That will be the reality of it.

This is the same HoF who dismissed and called the Tigray “null and void”. The ones who actually followed the Constitution. That is tragic part here. These are the people that saying its sinful to have sex before marriage, but has no issues have mistresses and having side-dishes all across town. They can scream of monogamy, but living a life of polygamy. Therefore, their words and acts are riddled with deceit. They are hooked on power and will use all means to keep. Even end their enemies if they got too. Peace.

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