Opinion: ZANU-PF blaming the West like always…

We are watching attempts to drive Zimbabwe into chaos. Some rogue elements among us, are conniving with some hostile Western governments to smuggle guns and set up so-called Democratic Resistance Committees that are, for all intents and purposes, violent militia groups. These plans are key components of “Operation Light House”, the brainchild of one Western power, that seeks to destroy the democratic foundations of Zimbabwe, make the country ungovernable and justify foreign intervention. As the State Security sector, we shall take concrete action to deal with such threats” (Statement Issued by the Minister of State Security Honourable O. Ncube (MP) – On the State Security Situation – Harare – 24 September 2020).

This is a steady argument from the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF). I remember so many times late President Robert Mugabe blamed the West. The governing party of Zimbabwe have always looked across its border and into the Western Hemisphere. They got to blame either the British or any other former Colonial Power. That is what they do.

Now, the New Dispensation and the 2nd Republic is more of the same. Instead of fixing the issues, the failing economy and the militarization of the government. The human rights violations and the arbitrary arrests, abductions and such is the reason for the sanctions towards the state. This has been like this and it haven’t changed with President Emmerson Mnangagwa. It has been amped up … and they are destabilizing the opposition and activists on their way.

So, the ZANU-PF have to create foreign enemies, even when there are none. Just to make it seem like they are attacked. Though, the reality of it all is that they are ones creating enemies within their own realm.

The 2nd Republic is attacking its own citizens. That’s why they are blaming the West. ZANU-PF needs a scapegoat. They need to pin someone else, because they cannot be to blame. These folks who reinvented themselves and took power though another operation, which they deemed “Operation Restore Legacy”.

We are just supposed to forget that and the state sponsored violence that has occurred since then. Like the ZANU-PF haven’t caused pain and suffering. They have the power, have appointed the leadership and made the policies in the aftermath of their “Operation Restore Legacy”.

So, in that regard, they have to create a “Operation Light House”. Just because, suddenly there are a will to have a armed coup d’etat against the ZANU-PF. The same ZANU-PF who are saying the West is inciting violence through the Opposition, which is also a common argument too.

Therefore, blaming the West is a common thread for the ZANU-PF. It has been like that since Mugabe and it will be like that for the years to come. As long as the regime survives, they will pin their faults on someone else. Right now it is the West and tomorrow they will blame Chamisa again. Peace.

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