Opinion: Khupe wants to be Chamisa so bad!

We know now why Thokozani Khupe wants to be Nelson Chamisa so badly. After she renamed Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC-T) to Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance). The same party where she has revoked and besieged through court orders and with all legal means. While she hasn’t held a conference or really controlled.

This is why Khupe. Not only heists the opposition titles, their headquarters and their name. She also went after their elected officials and recalled them. Like she was the barren Queen to control it. Khupe might been able to do so. Because, this benefits the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF).

She has been really useful, but we know why she does this. Khupe wishes she was Chamisa. Just like she wished back in the day, that she was Tsvangirai. You cannot steal their legacy or their titles. You cannot take their fights, their burdens and their struggle with a flick of the pen.

Khupe might been able because the Courts and ZANU-PF let her. Still, she will not be respected wit the moves she makes. She is just the pretender. The ones that wishes she was Chamisa. The one that wants the role of main opposition leader. The one that wants to be crowned. While she is not worthy nor has the credentials to do so.

Khupe looks like she is winning now, but its only fools gold. Even, if she gets the Headquarters, the bank accounts, the seats and the titles. Khupe will still never inherit the throne. She might have it for a minute, but that doesn’t make it real.

If she does accept this and takes it. The forged placement, the role she is playing is a all mirage. It is a facade and not the real deal. Khupe can feel the entitlement and rightfully hers. However, everyone knows she isn’t the one.

It is all fake, forged and a make belief. This will not last. If the MDC-T becomes the MDC-Alliance. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission deregisters the original MDC-Alliance under Chamisa. Still, it will not make the actions more true. It is just a game, a game that is rigged.

The ballots are pre-ticked and the ballot-boxes are stuffed. The victory is sealed, but only because she got help from ZANU-PF. Khupe isn’t the victor, but the jester on the throne. She isn’t worthy, but acts like a royal, which she isn’t.

Khupe thinks she has outsmarted everyone, but she has fooled herself. When your crowning yourself queen without a kingdom. There is little to inherit. There is nothing to reign and rule over. Except for empty briefcases and a lost hope. This journey will end in tears. It is just a matter of time and perspective. The tears will come … it is just a matter of time. Peace.

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