Opinion: PM Abiy humiliated by the TPLF today…

The Prosperity Party and the Federal Government under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali have today been humiliated on a national level. The PM have now seen that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) acted in defiance and went along with the elections in the Tigray Regional State.

The TPLF went along with it, even as the House of Federation (HoF) has called it unconstitutional and “void”. Even, if the TPLF is following the procedures of the Constitution and gets representation on local level in a timely fashion. Something, the Federal Government have suspended nationwide.

That is why the 9th September 2020 is a humbling experience for the Prime Minister. A man who isn’t elected by the people, but selected within the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Force (EPRDF). It was an internal election within the ruling coalition, which later has been rebranded into a one-party banner without the TPLF. That is how the PM consolidated power, but has lost one region and their party.

Today, the former leaders of the EPRDF, the deflectors and the ones leaving the Federal Government is teaching them a lesson. The Prosperity Party has shown its not democratic or have the values of progression of that. The PP has shown that with its political prisoners, extra-judicial killings and so fourth. The suspension of general elections is yet another step in this.

That is why the Prime Minister is losing. The Federal Government can challenge and say the exercise isn’t valid. Still, it is a losing game. They know they are in the wrong suspending the elections and cannot defend it. They are postponing and only buying time. As the popularity isn’t there.

That is why the violence in Oromia, Amhara and elsewhere is state sponsored. While the state blames the citizens and the opposition. The opposition who has their leaders behind bars and the journalists, who stands up to the PP.

The Prime Minister knows this. The results of the Tigray Elections today isn’t important in the sense of who gets elected or get to represent in the region. It is even more important as a signal of how the PM have failed. The elections today is a proof that the TPLF does things accordingly and correct. Even, when everyone around them tell them to stop.

That clearly didn’t work… The TPLF and the Regional Government of Tigray have won today. They have proven themselves and delivered. A peaceful and orderly elections. While the PP trying to spin things from Addis Ababa. Where they are promising reforms, but the regions have only seen the weapons and arbitrary arrests.

There are reports that 75% of the Registered Voters have cast the ballots in this election in Tigray. That is big win. No matter what results.

The winners today is the public of Tigray, the TPLF and the losers are the Federal Government and the Prime Minister. They tried to challenge it and silence it. However, that didn’t work and the public have showed their face.

The PM has been mocked today, the House of Federation has been shunned and the Council of Ministers should act-up before they are looking like fools too. The TPLF have shown character and finesse here. The PP needs to talk to TPLF. The PP needs to accept the election and look into the reasons for its suspension of elections in general. They are proven wrong and with such a class act. The TPLF did the right thing and the public answered to it. Something the PM and PP haven’t done in general. Peace.

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