NRM Primaries: Mzee’s defence is surreal… Part II

Yesterday, the first defence of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Primary Elections of 2020 came out. Today, the second edition came out. Now, he has to drop the skulls of the Luweero Triangle to warn people standing in his way. Even if the whole NRM is filled with his vision and his party culture. If it is like it is, it’s because the man has created this monster and he runs it. This is what his liberation party have become too. As the power corrupts and destroys. It even does it to its own.

He defends the lining behind candidates for stopping election rigging, however that hasn’t been the case. The President continues with the village scenario, even if the cattle corridor with the men of power and close association with you are the ones behind the worst violence. You don’t name-drop them, and the open bribery of the big-men. They are not looked after, but only for political brownie-points.

That is why you wrote this:

However, I want, for now, to repeat a few points. By going back to lining behind candidates, the NRM laid a good trap for the cheaters (the riggers). The voting is done and concluded in each village and the scores are witnessed by hundreds of People. It is shallow criminality to think that you can enter false numbers on a piece of paper known as DR form and that that will give you the flag. You will end in prison for forgery and subversion instead of Parliament. An audit of village by village will expose you. The villages have not shifted. They are still there. Even if you bribe the agents of the victim candidate to tell lies, the People who voted are there. They will bring out the facts” (Museveni, 08.09.2020).

The NRM knows this and the President knows this. It wasn’t a trap, it wasn’t a trick, but a cheap way of using old methods of voting. As the school-yard picking captain for a team is the way your picking leaders, lawmakers and MPs. That shows how the lack of secret ballots and voting. Because, the art-of-peer pressure is the thing of the 2020 apparently.

In the age of social distancing, the President calls this a trap for cheaters. They could all stand in line, but the numbers could still be rigged. Who knows how many who stood in line at any given time? There is no proof? Only talk and rumours after the fact? If the ones counting them switched the amount and even miscounted.

That is why its really rich to defend it like that. Use these means… and being proud of re-using methods that the NRM was supposed to stop and ensure more credible elections. Alas, the NRM uses the means of the parties, which it was supposed liberate from. The rigging, bribery and untrustworthy elections is the reason for the existence of the NRA/NRM and the loss of lives in the Luweero Triangle. However, these lives are now used to defend the same tactics and same means as the ones he opposed back-in-the-day.

That is why this defence script part II is surreal. He is defending the same reasons for what brought him to the bush. He is running similar operation to the ones he went to war for. That is why the grievances within his party is even more richer. The use of all means to get ahead. The mentality and the party culture cultivated by this man. The man who was supposed to bring a fundamental change.

That change is apparently more of the same. The same greed, the same addiction of power and misuse of it.

The President can promise the right things, say the right things, but as long as he promotes the wrong ones. It doesn’t make it true or make sense. If he didn’t use these means himself and techniques, he wouldn’t be ahead himself. He isn’t in office because of love, but for the power of the gun. Peace.

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