NRM Primaries: Mzee’s defence is surreal…

After the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Primaries was held recently. The President has celebrated the results and he winners. Alas, his been silent and looking over the ones rigging, fixing and bribing themselves to a position in the General Election in 2021. However, that is steady progress in the eyes of NRM.

That the President now promises less violence, rigging and issues within the Primaries is what he does. He condemns on the one hand, but he grows the impunity with the other. He speaks of peace, but sponsors war. That is the sort of fella the President is. It is just like he doesn’t think people knows.

That is why I won’t dwell on the history lesson or his contextualization of the Primaries. As he wants to bring history into the game. While not looking into how his NRA Historicals, the entitlement and the rich NRM high ranking officials and their families who are causing rift. The NRM knows this… the violence and the rigging is made by the ones who are close associated or been high ranking officials. Not just random blokes from the suburbs of Kampala or hooligans from the border towns. No, its been people with money and power. Still, the man never addressed that. Because, that get to close to home.

That’s why I only take this paragraph from his piece of defence of the NRM Primaries:

The NRM elections are village based. They should begin in the village and end in the village. Once the counting is done in the village, the elections are over. The rest is adding. It will, therefore, not help anybody to mis–add because the original village generated numbers are there and the People who are aware of these numbers are many. Any other shallow schemes like moving voters on Lorries from village to village are easy to unearth. Those are all crimes for which the perpetrators will be answerable criminally. This, therefore, maybe the tail end of cheating in the NRM. Even the victims of these schemes should be steady. Just get facts from your village agents (truthful facts); the crooks are wasting their time and ours” (Museveni, 07.09.2020).

Therefore, it is easy defence of the man. He wants to make some men criminalized, but not mention the ones who are behind it all. Because, they didn’t do this election rigging and election violence in a vacuum, but in a fashion that the President knows.

He can act like he can solve all this and resolve the matter easily. Come with some new solutions to iron the things out. However, the reasons why the NRM Primaries are the way they are… is both because of the commercialization of the position and the “winner takes all and eats all”. They are making it a “do or die”.

When you have made system where the victory means so much. As the NRM controls the state, the Electoral Commission and society in general. The NRM knows this and the ones running for knows this too. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t spend, risk and act like they do.

That the President tries to deflect and use this rhetoric isn’t shocking He needs to prove progress, but also say he condemns certain aspects. The NRM is in the image of the President and the way he has envisioned it. They are following him and he cannot run away from it. Even if he tries like he did today. The NRM Primaries wouldn’t be like this, if the big-men and the ones in power wouldn’t benefit from it.

That is just the mere reality. If you didn’t need to bang for you bucks, you wouldn’t bang at all. You would just continue … Museveni knows this, but instead trying to move the goal-post. Instead of fixing the party culture, which he has cultivated and now trying to stop. This a party who is mirrored through him and he cannot deflect that. Even if he tries.

We know, he knows and here we are. The NRM stays the NRM. Peace.

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