Ethiopia: HoF ironic use of the Constitution to stop the regional elections in Tigray

Yesterday, the House of Federation (HoF) have answered the state of Tigray and their State Government who is issuing an election on the 9th September 2020. A local government election, which the HoF claims is unconstitutional. However, that is ironic. I will prove that in a second.

First, when a governing body like HoF uses the Constitution it should be air-tight. It shouldn’t be made in doubt… The Prosperity Party (PP) and the HoF is clearing missing the point. As they have earlier in the year done the unconstitutional to suspend the elections itself. So, to stop another poll because of it. Shows that they are using the constitution as they see fit and not as a guiding document, as it should be.

Fana Broadcasting Corporation stated this today: “Addis Ababa, September 6, 2020 (FBC) -The House of Federation said that Tigray regional state’s plan to hold election next Wednesday is unconstitutional. In a statement issued at the end of an urgent meeting held yesterday, September 6, the House unanimously voted not to recognize the results of the election” (…) “As per article 9(1) of the Ethiopian constitution, the decisions and activities will not be recognized and enforced, the statement stated” (Fana BC – ‘Tigray’s planned election unconstitutional: House of Federation’ 06.09.2020).

As we see, they are using the powers of the constitution, because it fits PP and the Prime Minister’s orders of earlier in the year. When they suspended the August elections in 2020. So, they will postpone elections and cling to power without the validation or being proper representation of the public. Since, they are not allowing the public to vote or decide their rulers.

That’s why this one from earlier this year says it all….

National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) stated this on the 1st April 2020: “After engaging in election operation and preparation activities, the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) had announced an election timetable. Based on this election timetable, the elections were to be held on August 29, 2020, and the Board was carrying out tasks as outlined in the timetable, and providing updates to the public regularly. Accordingly, several tasks were needed to be completed in March and April 2020; among them are: voter registration; recruitment of poll workers; training and deployment; voter education; and dissemination of voter registration materials, etc” (…) “Understanding that the Board cannot hold elections one month before the current parliament’s tenure ends, as stipulated in the Constitution, the Board will submit this decision and its analysis to the House of People’s Representatives to utilize as input should they choose to take further action” (NEBE, 01.04.2020).

When we know that… and the NEBE knows they are in the wrong suspending the August Elections. The HoF knows they are in the wrong stopping regional or state elections in the Tigray. The HoF used article 9(1). However, there are other articles that defends the Tigray and their will to hold elections in time.

Why aren’t the HoF looking into the Article 88(1): “Guided by democratic principles, Government shall promote and support the People’s self-rule at all levels”.

If the HoF believes in the Democratic Principals and shall promote self-rule at all levels, why are they stopping elections in 2020?

We can also use the Article 54(1): “Members of the House of Peoples’ Representatives shall be elected by the People for a term of five years on the basis of universal suffrage and by direct, free and fair elections held by secret ballot”.

That proves that the NEBE is wrong in stopping their own planned and scheduled elections for August. As the Representatives are soon on overtime and are representatives who are unconstitutional. The same can be said for the Regional Governments like the Tigray. As they are not able to hold elections.

The Federal Government blocking a state like Tigray to hold elections in time. Citing the Constitution. Should know that its easily show how they are wrong and doesn’t need to be legal scholar to prove it either. They must think people are naive and cannot access it.

The Prosperity Party should let Tigray go ahead. They should just do their thing on the 9th September 2020. As they are following the Constitution and keeping the timelines for elections. It is the Federal Government and the Prosperity Party who is breaching the constitution. As they are continuing the term of five year, not holding elections for the House of People’s Representatives.

So, if the HoF should be sincere with Tigray. They should clear the air on their own actions. As they are the ones who is unconstitutional. This is to easy to see and find arguments for. They are not honouring the articles of 54(1) and 88(1), while using 9(1) against the Tigray Regional Government (TPLF). That shows a use of force, but not respecting the same constitution they claim to uphold. Peace.

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