Opinion: Mzee trying to be cute with his responses…. [on retirement]

How long do you think I am going to go on slaving for you? I am now 57 and I have been working for more than 30 years. Of course I will retire” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (New Vision, 08.11.2001).

We know its elections on the horizon, when someone response willy-nilly and trying to enlighten. However, when you have been in the public sphere for decades and ruled the republic since 1986. There are certain aspects, which you cannot defend that easily anymore. Especially, the ones that counters your own statements in the past.

That President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni isn’t retiring is self-serving at its best. He said Africa’s Problem was that people lingered in power. Seeing how he has done himself. By still being in office in 2020 and planning for another term. Proves that he is a problem himself. That is why it’s cute that he defends this today.

New Vision reported in 2001: “PRESIDENT MUSEVENI has made it categorically clear in a London interview that this is his last term in office. On several occasions including on the Capital Gang, Museveni has indicated that he will respect the constitution and retire. However his critics have persisted in spreading the rumour that he intends to amend the constitution to stand for a third term” (New Vision – ‘Museveni to retire’ 09.11.2001).

Today, however, in a another response to online comments. The President who has lingered in power since 1986. Wrote this: “Museveni should retire? There is no problem with Museveni retiring” (Museveni, 03.09.2020).

That is from the same man, that said he didn’t want too… to rule for more than two terms, as it was in 1995 Constitution. However, he abolished the two terms to rule for a third. That is why he abolished the Age Limit too. So, that he wasn’t to old to stand in 2021. This man did a coup in 1986. Didn’t have elections before 1996 and not having multi-party elections in 2006 after a two referendums.

It is a problem that Museveni isn’t retiring because he spread falsehoods and does bad self-defence that only works on the naive of folks. The ones who doesn’t know.

A man like Museveni like too look good, but these sort of responses only undermines his own messages. He has promised to retire before and now he defends the reasons for overstaying. It is like he thinks his special. The ones claiming in the end of the 1990s and early 2000s who said he would be a President for Life. Was damn right and is right to this day. Because, there is no proof that his leaving… Peace.

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