Zimbabwe: Chin’ono and Ngarivhume is released on bail, but still not free…

Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume tonight left the Chikurubi Prison after the Court have awarded them an opportunity to be out on bail. This after both of them been in prison for more than 43 days.

The thing is… that even as they are on bail. They are not really free. There are strings attached and the judges have put strings on them. This being posting on their handles on Twitter and such. Therefore, if they do. They might get into more trouble.

That Hopewell and Ngariyhume are now out. Is good in itself. These two was political prisoners and still are felons. They are not out of bound and just doing one wrong step. Then they will return right to the slammer.

The regime doesn’t care and wants to intimidate. The ones who are vocal against them and the ones who are exposing it. That is why these two was arrested. Chin’ono and Ngarihume was there because they challenged the state. They showed a side, which the state doesn’t want to share.

Yes. They were released finally tonight. However, they are neither free nor getting a fair treatment. They were unjustly arrested and detained. Denied bail on several of occasions, even not having options to seek counsel or help. That is the sort of state the Republic is in.

The world should know. Even if they are not in visible chains or behind bars. They are still not free. There is pending cases and the state is making a deal out of it. There are other political prisoners detained too. These two are the big-shots who are creating headlines.

However, these two are not done with the Courts nor the Justice system. It is rigged against them. Because, they dare to question and challenge them. That is why they had to pay and suffer. Peace.

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