Opinion: Museveni doesn’t need to win, but he needs legitimacy…

The ones who thinks that the 2021 elections is about the polls and the ballots. They are blistering naive, because it couldn’t be further from the truth. The election in the republic isn’t about pledges, policies or even the legacy of the President. No, its about his legitimacy.

We can wonder, is the public willing to give him that? Is the public and international community prepared to cheer in the 8th Term of the President?

Yes, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is running for his eight term. The President who has been in-charge since 1986. The President and his party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) needs the legitimacy. They need credit and accreditation. The state needs to be relied upon and outside support.

The state is borrowing to its knees. The lack of proper grants and donor-funds is hitting the fan. The state is having an evil cycle of loans, borrowing new money to pay interests of the previous ones. While the grace period of major infrastructure development projects will come into action as well. The budgets will be strained and the lack of domestic revenue will be more vital. As the donors, the lenders and everyone else see the tragic demise and self-destructive ways of the regime. You cannot build a sufficient state on borrowed money.

The NRM knows and the President needs to accepted and respected. The results needs to be verified and result in overall positive vibes. The President cannot afford to be looked a cruel henchman, but a statesman. A man who used to be the future, but now is a wise lecturer. Who has the vision and knows what the state needs to be fixed.

Even though the old man, the President has promised the same development, the same economic turnaround and changes in society. He has had the three decades to deliver that, but he will speak of it. Claim people are lazy, opposition are insects and so-on.

While the things he needs the most is the craving for recognition. The President needs to be acknowledge and in high regards. That is why the election need recognized and legitimized. The results are already printed in stone. They were on the skyline since the mid-80s.

President Museveni doesn’t need love, but he needs credit and needs security. The state needs that and the NRM does so as well. Because, if it don’? Then the negative spiral and crippling economy will sooner or later hit the armed forces and the President will loose his most trusted allies. The soldiers and security organizations, which keeps a iron-fist over the republic.

He need that stamp and verification to move on into another term. Peace.

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