Opinion: Khupe will not win people’s heart [but hope she enjoys the perks from the crocodile]

The Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC-T) are now officially purging Members of Parliament from the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance). The leader of MDC-T Thokozani Khupe is enjoying the perks and the spoils the state gives her. Also, demean and mock the real opposition in the MDC-Alliance.

Because, now the nomination of the recalled MDC-Alliance MPs are official and the MDC-T members are taking their places. The gazetted MPs are in and the truth is revealed. The state has only love for Khupe and MDC-T. As they are loyal servants of the cause and could be a branch of the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF).

Khupe must be giddy. She must be ecstatic to have new comrades in Parliament. All in support of the President and his rigid state. Khupe has no trouble sucking up and obeying the crocodile. Mnangagwa have gotten a token friend who follow up and make a farce of the opposition.

If the MDC-T think they are playing this out wisely. They are not. Instead of seeing the pleas, the pain and the suffering of the state. They are instead using the situation to secure meal-tickets, funding and positioning themselves. This is petty politics in the midst of a brutal police state.

Khupe knows what is happening to critics, opposition leaders and activists, she knows what is going on towards the ones who dares to challenge ZANU-PF these days. Still, she is singing along and making show-tunes. Instead, of being a proper opposition. She is only that in name, but could be another stooge. Who is using her platform to undermine Nelson Chamisa and the whole MDC-Alliance.

That is who she are and she lives fine in it. The wealth she inherits, the gold and the silver she earns in this period is tainted. She is accepting the blood-money and the suffering of others. While living like a queen and on the pedestal of the ruling regime.

She could have been a vocal critic, been a daring individual, who had spoken against oppression, dictatorship and the police state. Alas, she is instead, cheering and dancing on the skeletons, the arrested and the ones who is forced to loose their livelihoods.

Khupe is just another lackey. There are no principals she beholds too. Unless, this is making her bank-account pregnant. Then she is going just fine and the pregnancy is soon happening. The due date is near. She will soon have more babies. We can just await another step to tarnish, destroy and humiliate Chamisa.

Because, that is her life now. That is all that she is. Its tragic, a tragedy, but a chosen one. She decided that this was it. Now she has to live with it. This is her legacy. Peace.

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