Mali: CNSP is announced and the coup get condemned by the UN…

Today on the 20th August 2020, Colonel Assimi Goita is the new leader and chairman of the National Committee for the Salvation of the People (CNSP). The Vice-Chairman of the CNSP is the Colonel Malik Diaw. These are the two leaders of it and the ones to follow from now on.

There been also reports that M5-RFP is in dialogue with the CNSP. In this regard, there is reports that one of the key leaders and mobilizers of the protests against the Keita government, Imam Dicko is stepping out from politics. This after talks between the junta and them as a civil society.

Ivory Coast have suspended all collaborations with the Mali government, which it has done in accordance with the recommendations of ECOWAS. Clearly, the Multi-National bodies doesn’t support the coup. They rather have a unpopular puppet in power, then having possibly someone who is supported by the public.

It is disappointing that all international bodies, multi-national and regional bodies have all condemn the coup. African Union, ECOWAS and United Nations. We could anticipate that the UNSC would do this, as one of the veto-power nations France has a major stake in Mali. The French never left their former colonies and still wants to influence and control these republics from Paris. That is why a sudden shift of power is a worry for them.

We have no idea how this will play out. The crowds cheered in the change, they were in the streets in the months ahead of the coup and we can hope the junta listens to them. Also, that it continues to talk to civil servants and the stakeholders.

Not only drop slogans on Twitter and announcing things on National TV. They need to prove their worth and that they are a force for change. That the CNSP is a temporary body until a civil government, which is representative of the people and for the people in power.

The junta got to prove themselves. Imam Dicko has also shown his character, by stepping down after Keita is gone. That he was not in it for his personal prestige, but for the cause. That is a man of his words and something to look up too. Peace.

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