Opinion: Is Bobi Wine’s 5 Point Programme a revitalized 10 Point Programme?

We are now in 2020 and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is a rising star. His popularity is rising. To say otherwise is naive. The National Unity Platform (NUP) and the People Power Movement has a new grand stand. However, is he using the same formula as his arch-enemy and dictator, President Museveni?

I have looked through the Ten Point Programme twice and can easily say that President Museveni and National Resistance Movement (NRM) never finished it. They promised something huge and compact. However, they implemented a few, but lost their aim on several of the points. Nevertheless, the President and his cronies will say its the launching pad and there been other plans to follow it up. Still, the legacy of President has been depleted, because he gave way for his opening pledges in the 10 point programme. Will Bobi Wine’s do the same?

Bobi Wine’s 5 Points:

    1. Restoration of true Democracy, Rule of law and Human rights.
    2. Revival of the Health system.
    3. Revival of the Education system.
    4. Agricultural revival, land and natural resource management.
    5. National reconciliation and Unity.

Museveni’s 10 Points:

1. Democracy.

2. Security.

3. Consolidation of National security and elimination of all forms of sectarianism.

4. Defending and consolidating National Independence.

5. Building an independent, integrated and self-sustaining national economy.

6. Restoration and improvement of Social services and the rehabilitation of the war-ravaged areas. 7. Elimination of corruption and misuse of power.

8. Redressing errors that have resulted in the dislocation of sections of the population and improvement of others.

9. Co-operation with other African countries in defending human and democratic rights of our brothers in other parts of Africa.

10. Following an economic strategy of mixed economy.

If you look through the plans on just the headlines. You can see they are similar. They got the same sort of objectives. They are about the state, citizens and the liberties of them all. It’s about ensuring freedom, liberty and justice for all citizens. Also ensuring the basic functions and government functions are there to serve the citizens. This is all similar between them.

That is why the Bobi Wine’s 5 Points is a revised 10 Point Plan. It has the same sort of structure and has similar objectives. It is really weird that after 34 years power. The new rising star and the biggest challenger is re-issuing a revitalized programme, which you came into power with. That shows also how Museveni has failed. Why do I say that?

If someone is looking into the same issues 30 years later and see those as undone. Than, you know you have failed in office. That Bobi Wine are having similarities to Museveni here. It is not strange, as Museveni have become a full fledged tyrant and using the armed forces at his whim. That is why, Bobi Wine has to fight the same struggle as Museveni did in 1980s. Maybe, Bobi Wine isn’t in the bush, but the way the he will fight a rigged election and law enforcement. That will be in the same veins. Where Museveni is using the tricks of the ones he overthrew back-in-the-day.

This is why its sad we are in 2020 and Bobi Wine deems it fit for a revitalized 10 Point Programme, which he has coined the 5 Point Programme. Peace.

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